Exactly how to mount HeartRay HID light bulb retrofit package in Peugeot 307

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Mar 26, 2019  ( 1 post )  
1:38 am
Gsd Dfdsgbhs (slidcavoti1971)

Arron, an enthusiastic fan of committed aftermarket replacement kit. He upgrades with a set of HID light bulb and also Aozoom ballast.

The adjustment was so quick as well as the actions are fairly effective. The replacement set consists of HeartRay 35W HID bulb, Aozoom 55W rapid start ballast, as well as a few other assembly.


We open the Peugeot bi xenon headlight housing easily and afterwards baked it right into the oven for 20 mins. Pick out the factory light bulb.

Connect the wiring of the HID bulb as well as the fast start ballast. Things that requires to be careful is the favorable and negative pole must be connected appropriately, otherwise, the light bulb would not light.


  • Install the HID light bulb right into the projector. Initially, take the socket out and also take care of with the wire in the projector.
  • The next, install the light bulb and also spin it. The setup would certainly simple than the projector retrofit. The final point is to place the ballast in the vehicle.
  • For the light test, the way it lights up was very than the OEM. Arron did not see it in the past, he was satisfied with the upgrade.


Now he can drive the Peugeot with no worried. And he can appreciate the bright light that emits in the roadway.

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