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Apr 4, 2019  ( 1 post )  
5:51 am
Andie Murray (mashkakashka)


Being single for a while I was able to understand what it meant to be very happy and very single. Of course a significant other is best. But, only, is a significant relationship significant when there is a clear understanding of my needs (television and naps) and my desires (television and naps.) Given these needs and desires I started brainstorming about what kind of relationship would best serve them, and it became clear! Polygamy! And this is why:


While I wasn't raised in a polygamous family and I am not Mormon. Probably a Jew at best. I sometimes think how lovely it would be that if I had a husband he should also have an additional couple of wives.


If we had enough money to go on trips to white sand beaches and fancy parties then I would like to be the main wife. I'd do the social things: go to the beach and the fancy parties and on summer long vacations to the Hamptons If we didn't have money I'd prefer to be next in line and skip out on PTA meetings, potlucks, his company picnics and other low-brow affairs.


I would also have to be the prettiest. At times I can become jealous when competing against more attractive women. Yeah, sure, I get jealous and being a green-eyed monster lady polygamy may not seem like an ideal situation. However, I believe that the benefits of this arrangement would far outweigh the occasional hair pulling and sexy pillow fights that would most likely occur.


I am certain that in a family with a couple of wives the wives aren't expected to work. That would bring too much attention to the situation. They probably have to sit inside, in air conditioning, napping and reading and mostly watching television. They are probably allowed netflix subscriptions (maybe even with individual queues) along with US weekly subscriptions and plenty of high-speed internet. Anything to keep them inside.


I imagine that being married to a man who was also married to two other woman you would get at least three nights to yourself without a husband in bed taking covers. No man-farts on the nights off. Then, of course, you would be able to fart as loudly or as silently as you wish. You of course would only have to deal with waking up to a boner in your back once or twice a week.


Almost 4 days per week you could be alone in your house doing whatever you like without judgment. Your husband would be with one of the other wives. He wouldn't be there to ask you what you did all day (watched Real housewives of New York City) what you read (US Weekly) how you slept (18 hours) or if you're drunk (probably).

Maybe a part of your responsibility includes having kids. But I imagine that if your child ends up not as cute as you imagined or with red hair you can give it to another wife to care for. A wife that is a little lower on the food chain.


This may all sound pretty terrible to some but I assure you that in my polygamous family all wives are still allowed to vote and can sit wherever they would like on a bus and never have to wear scarves over their heads (unless they want to).


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