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How do I prepare cold coffee?

Creation date: Apr 5, 2019 11:46 am     Last modified date: Apr 5, 2019 11:46 am   Last visit date: Jul 18, 2019 2:38 am
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Marlin Jenny (marlinjenny007)

Coffee is one of the beverages that you might not want to miss a day without at home or the office. Sometimes you could go for hot coffee, but there are times where you want to have cold coffee. Some of the times that you may want to have cold coffee is during the hot summer morning, maybe evening beverage, and generally you do not feel like having a hot cup of coffee.


This could be some of the reasons for you to have a cold coffee, but it all depends on your choice. There are so many different ways to making your cold cup of coffee be it iced cold coffee or the delicious overnight cold brew. Here are step y step procedures on how to make your cold coffee brew.


Making Cold Brew Coffee


When you make the cold brew coffee, it is the best way to get the taste of its flavour. When you use ice cubes for a cold coffee brew, it is likely that you dilute the flavour of the coffee so is the use of the hot coffee it ruins its flavour when it gets cold. The good thing with making and having cold coffee is that you are able to enjoy the authentic taste and also reduce the bitterness and acidity.


Step 1


In the first step, you have to mix the ground coffee and the water together and stir to leave  no lumps in the coffee. You should be able to put five times more water than coffee to have a better tasting coffee and not too much coffee. It is best if you could use fine grounds of coffee as it bets for cold coffee.


Step 2


Before chilling your coffee, you have to make sure you add sugar at this stage while the coffee is still warm and it will quickly dissolve. It is known that when you add sugar to cold coffee, you may have at the end traces of undissolved sugar at the bottom of your coffee cup.

Cover the pitcher with the coffee using a plastic wrap before placing for the chill and if the pitcher has a lid then the better for you. Place the coffee in the refrigerator for 12 hours or more precisely at night for it to brew well. The reason why it takes longer to brew in the refrigerator is that it is not using heat to do so and takes much longer than expected. But the taste that the cold coffee comes with is worth the wait.


Step 3


After you are done chilling your coffee, you will have to place the coffee filter in a mesh strainer and at a bowl to get rid of the grounds found in your cold coffee. What you have to do precisely id to place the trainer above another pitcher or bowl to hold the coffee while it filters. After the coffee is poured at the pitcher below, the grounds will remain at the top. When done throw the grounds away and serve your cold coffee

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