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Tips To Increase Your Dating Confidence

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May 1, 2019  ( 1 post )  
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Andie Murray (mashkakashka)

Many times dating is all about confidence. People like people who are confident. This does make a lot of sense: you would want to meet someone who was happy, comfortable around themselves and easy to be around wouldn’t you? Those are some common traits of a confident person. Fortunately, confidence can be learned and you can develop more as time goes on.


Accept yourself. One of the first steps to becoming a confident dater is to accept yourself. You may be short or you may have a big laugh, though learning to accept yourself exactly as you are will make you much more confident. People like people that accept themselves. When you accept yourself, it is like you are comfortable in your own skin. The person that accepts themselves is easy to be around because quite often they will accept other people just as they are. It is easier to accept other people, as they are when you have accepted yourself as you are.


Know your good traits. We all have good traits. Knowing what yours are will help make you more confident at dating. If you are someone who can easily entertain people with a joke or if you make a mean margarita, these are great abilities that make you unique. While you don’t want someone to be around you just for your traits having these traits will help attract someone.


We all want someone with similar or complementary traits to our own. Athletic people most often want to date athletic people. Creative people prefer to date creative people. Ambitious people like to date ambitious people as well. Knowing your positive traits increases your confidence and helps you understand what makes you attractive to people.


Make yourself the best you can be. While most of us cannot look like Cindy Crawford, many of us can admit easily that we can look better with some extra effort. A new haircut and some shiny shoes can work wonders. Even just ironing the shirt you are wearing can sometimes make a big difference. Good grooming and hygiene habits are critical when it comes to dating. You are the only you that you’ve got so take good care of yourself! Eat properly and exercise daily. All of this will make you much more confident while dating.


Meet more people. Meeting new people can be kind of stressful. What makes meeting new people very stressful is often we put many expectations on these meetings. If you are hoping the new love of your life will be the one you meet, you are putting a lot of hope on this one particular meeting. You can easily relieve some of this expectation anxiety by simply learning to meet more people. Get out there and socialize more. Or learn to talk to people while you are out and about doing your regular chores. You’ll soon discover that people will talk to you if you talk to them. Being positive and friendly will have more people approaching you easily.


With some practice, you can soon become more confident at dating. Dating can be challenging for so many of us. Even the person who you think has everything may be the one who gets the most nervous about dating. Learn to develop a positive attitude about dating and look forward to meeting new people. The next new person you meet could be very special to you!




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