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Putting My Eggs in One Basket? Maybe Not…

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May 22, 2019  ( 1 post )  
3:49 am
Andie Murray (mashkakashka)

I was once a firm believer in dating one person at a time, but perhaps I’ve been wrong all along?  Maybe I should take a note from the guys I’ve dated and rack up a few prospective partners as well?


I recently attended a fellow dating blogger’s mini-conference on women, sex, dating, and relationships.  It was a pretty good turnout with a number of intelligent, attractive women ranging from their 20s to maybe 50s. A number of topics were covered, but one that stuck out for me the most was the topic of dating multiple people at one time.


The fellow blogger, who’s had her HILARIOUS dating stories published in several online and offline publications including The Frisky, suggested that women need to have a different outlook on dating than they’d had in previous years. Instead of dumping all of our eggs in one basket, she suggested that women date multiple men at one time. Her theory was that women need to date more like men until an actual relationship is established. This means dating multiple people at one time to “keep your options open”.


I didn’t agree with her all of her opinions on the subject, but I can say that many of the men I’ve dated since ending my marriage were also either dating, talking to, or looking for, other women while the two of us were dating. This has especially been the case with men I’d met online.


At one point, a woman in her late 20s mentioned that she’d been dating a guy she met on OK Stupid for 3 months exclusively and had just come to realize that he’s still talking to and/or dating other women. The speaker’s advice to her was that, if they hadn’t had the relationship talk, she should “not take things so personally” and continue dating others as well.


I recently came to the very same conclusion, but this new way of dating is definitely something I’ve been struggling with.  After having been in a monogamous at least on my end relationship, it’s been very hard for me to get used to the whole “dating multiple partners” thing – especially if you’re seeing someone you like. For the longest time, my mind just couldn’t wrap around this concept. I mean, when I like someone, I put A LOT of time and effort into that person. It’s really hard for me to imagine having to put that same effort into each person I actually start to like if there are multiple ones in my life at the same time.


How do I find the time and/or energy?


Perhaps I should ask the men I’ve dated to teach me the skill of juggling multiple people at one time while making sure each one still feels “special”. I mean, I’m great at time management when it comes to my career.  Perhaps I can find a way to apply those same skills to dating??


Definitely something to think about…











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