Purchasing a good quality Coriolis mass flow meter

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The flow meter is a very common product equipment that is widely used across applications in multiple industries. The flow meter is a device that is used for the measurement of linear, nonlinear, volumetric or mass flow rate  for the liquid or gas. There are various types of flow meters available in the market depending on their features, what are they used to measure, their technical specifications and other details. Some of the common and popular flow meters that you can find in the market includes Electromagnetic flow meter, Coriolis mass flow meter, Gas turbine flow meter, Liquid turbine flow meter, Thermal mass flow meter, Oval gear flow meter, Micro flow-rate thermal mass flow meter and Variable flow meter/metal tube rotameter amongst others.

The Coriolis mass flow meter and its functioning

The Coriolis flow meter is made up of a pair of bended tubes and the basic concept of this equipment is to detect the Coriolis force that is applied on the pair of tubes by inner flow of mass by the fluid. A new form of Coriolis force would be generated if these two conditions become true: There is vibration with the normal frequency in the pair of bended tubes and there is fluid flowing in the tubes. The force is produced by the synthesis caused by the flowing force and vibrating force through the fluid in the tubes. There are two sensors of displacement on the sides of the tubes which detect force and provide the output for electrical signals. The signals are then regulated and the mass flow is then produced directly.


The Coriolis flow meter is able to measure the different forms of fluids and as such it can be used as syrup flow meter, asphalt mass flow meter, molasses flow meter, slurry flow meter, glucose flow meter and it is a type of high viscosity flow meter. The device is insensitive to the flow rate of the fluid distribution and thus it  doesn't have any specific requirements for the pipe such as needing a straight pipe etc.


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One of the great  features of the Coriolis mass flow meter is that it is able to take the measurement of mass flow with high levels of accuracy and precision directly. It is also equipped to measure liquid, gas and steam. Additionally it can also measure liquid that contains a low amount or level of gas. For instance it can also be used as the refrigerant flow meter in various applications. The fact that it has the ability to measure different entities makes it ideal for a wide range of real life applications in different industries.


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