Production of Beer Using Microbrewery



Producing small amount of beer is called as the microbrewery. The definition for microbrewery will get vary according to the brewing system that are applied to the breweries. In simple words we can say that the breweries that are smaller when compared to the large scale corporate breweries they are called as the microbrewery also they are independently owned hence they are been well characterized according to the brewing technique, flavor and quality. Micro brewing was invented in United Kingdom in 1970s. After the introduction many other countries been started with the same process of manufacturing beer in such cases it got spreader to all other countries very easily. As it get improved more production and distribution has been emerged in the name of craft beer.


There are number of beer producing industries that owned by a single individual and also get more popularity in manufacturing techniques. In short descriptions let's see how to start the craft beer. Brewery plant has to be set in proper way. The set up may differ from state to state according to the requirements. The main requirements of brewing process is brew house which inside consists of mash tank, lauter tun, Kettle, Whirlpool and hot liquor tank, fermentation tank, maturation tank should be set up in proper and right manner so that we can proceed with production of beer process. The system has to be set up with delivery and dispersing system in right way so that there won't be any problem while sedimentation process takes places. Apart from this the other requirement is control system that helps in controlling the refrigeration system also electrical system and the subsystems.


It consists of the independent vessels, often it gets combined with the dual mounted that provided by the environment of each process in wort production that depends on the uniqueness of the brewery which is suitable for the configuration of the designed brew house. Heating process is done using steam or electrical heating.

DEGONG was established at 2009, and we are world-renowned for professional beer equipment manufacturing and wine equipment manufacturing. We research and develop beer brewing system and beer bottling machine independently from 2012, and we have developed overseas market successfully.

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