Electronic Component Quality Testing Using High Resolution Microscopy



Using a High Resolution Microscope is one way in which electronic component suppliers can detect counterfeit components. This equipment can help reveal quality issues such as lead/ball alignment, ball height, part marking methodologies, laser burn, sanding marks and solder flaws. By testing for these signs a company can determine whether a component has been legitimately made, or has been tampered with and resold (counterfeit).


A high resolution microscope such as the Keyence VHX600 series is designed to provide ultra-deep and high definition observation. This equipment can provide 3D images which increase the level of depth a component can be viewed in, multi-angle imaging, real time improvement and built in display. This sophisticated technology allows a user to view a component in a multitude of ways to determine its authenticity.


The microscope will be used to examine the markings on the components in a high detail. Components that are not counterfeit should be completely immaculate with precise and identical markings. Although some counterfeit suppliers are very skilled in hiding their work, many are lacking quality equipment to perform a good job.


Zeano Electronics https://www.zeanoit.com places quality at the forefront of all its operations by continuously investing in people, products and techniques. This allows us to take confidence in the distribution of authentic and high quality electronic components. It is vital that if looking to use a new supplier, that you ask them what systems and equipment that have in place to ensure high quality components. If all suppliers and distributers start taking responsibility for the components they handle as an industry, we can help reduce the amount of counterfeit electronic components considerably.

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