Deciding Between Laminate Flooring And Wood Flooring China



Are you planning to choose between wood floors and laminate floors, but not sure about which way to go? Yes, both options are great considering the modern day trends. But, due to the fact that you will have to select only one type, so you need to know which option is best for you. In that regard, making comparison between the two options will help you recognize the best option. So, to choose between the laminate and hardwood flooring. Here is something that you should read to know which floor you should choose for your flooring project.




When it comes to the real wood, then the wood grain's texture variation is something to watch out. Every plank on the wood floor will differ in appearance. If you want the same appearance throughout the floor, then you can opt for the laminate flooring because the laminate planks look almost the same.




It is very easy to maintain both laminate and wood floors. You just have to do the regular sweeping to keep these floors clean. You are advised to use the flooring cleaners that are specially designed to clean wood/laminate floors. For maintenance, you can get help from the manufacturer's guidelines.




Due to the fact that solid hardwood is organic, so it is prone to temperature and humidity. Wood floors are ideal to install in the areas where the humidity level is low. On the other hands, a laminate floor is resistant to the moistures that make it a great choice for the areas, such as basements, bathrooms, and kitchens, etc.




Whatever flooring surface you choose, its durability will depend on the intensity of the daily foot traffic. A good quality laminate floor can easily last 10 to 25 years, depending on how the homeowner maintains it. The durability of the wood floors depends on the manufacturer, finish and the maintenance.


LUCKYFOREST is the largest factory of laminate flooring in China, producing all kind of laminate flooring. Our design of laminte flooring are variety, such as Roble, Maple, Teak, Apple wood and Cherry. we also provide all kinds of surface to our customer, including EIR embossed in registered Surface, high glossy Surface, big embossed surface , medium embossed surface, small embossed Surface, crystal surface, hand-scraped surface, with beveled, laminate flooring painter V-groove and beveled pressed U groove.

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