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Unknown Facts about the Stranger Things


Stranger Things is a science fiction horror series. It stars David Harbour, Millie Bobby Brown and Caleb McLaughlin. It has the elements of horror and thrill stories from the '80s. It is the most-watched show among all the groups of people. It was nominated for Primetime Emmy Award, Golden Globe Award and Outstanding Drama Series. 


Some of the unknown facts about the show are:


  1. It was based on Project Montauk and was originally called Montauk because the script was set up in Montauk. 'Project Montauk' was a secret government agenda which involve the kidnapping of children. The purpose of this project was to improve psychological war methods and exotic analysis including time travel.
  2. Most cable networks refused it as people believed that a script focussing on children as main characters may not work.
  3. 906 boys and 307 girls were auditioned for the lead roles. The kid's characters were demanded to study famous scenes from Stand by Me. The kids developed a close bond before the shoot.
  4. The filming was done with a digital camera to produce an “aged effect” to make it look authentic.
  5. Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown, who was twelve-year-old kissed for the first time in his career on the set of Stranger Things. After the scene, Millie said that it sucked.
  6. Many fans sympathized with the “misfit” character of Barb played by Shanon Purser. She has to quit her movie theatre job due to the growing popularity of hashtag “#ImWithBarb”.
  7. There are two definite similarities – the uniform and SUVs of the police chief from the Stranger Things and Jaws or Jaws 2. These similarities also include sheriff style hats and blue uniforms worn by the patrolmen.
  8. The song played during the abduction scene of Barbara was a hint to the opening of another episode which reveals that she has been pulled upside down.




You can refer the link to know more about the show.

  1. The smiley face used to trap the Demogorgon was a reference to smiley face from The Howling which was a horror classic from the '80s. The smiley face's name was a yellow yo-yo. The Stranger Things season dvd are available on various e-commerce sites.
  2. Episode 3 pays homage to Firestarter which was a novel by Stephen Kings. The police come to know about an experiment involving LSD and a patient.
  3. In episode 3, when Eleven denies killing the cat, two men lock her into a room, but Eleven opens the door with his powers. He smashes one of the men into the wall and breaks the neck of other people. This was the actress's own idea.
  4. Eleven, the role played by the actress Millie floats on the water to establish contact with the dark world upside down. 
  5. The Duffer Brothers have a thirty-page document about Upside Down containing the intricate details of the dark world which they will explore more thoroughly in Season 2. 
  6. Due to the show’s growing popularity, the production team of Stranger Things has spoken to the production team of Games of Thrones for tips and advice to secure the filming sites for Season 2.

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