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Brine Shrimp Eggs Packages for Easy Marketing

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It is generally seen that there is great future in fish farming to feed the world population of quality fish products. Due to this and studies that have been made by experts in this field there is need to develop and preserve the initial stages of fish life as then only larger quantities of fish and fish products could be made and sold. Hence, fish farm owners have searched and found a very cost-effective and easily available and harvested food source in the form of Brine Shrimp eggs or Artemia Cysts as they are known as. Known in the general world market as brine shrimp nauplii it is usually just hatched with yolk inside the body. Besides, the nauplii are also seen to have developed its own digestive tract and this is the stage which hatcheries around the world demands.


It goes without saying that this stage of brine eggs is very nutritious to smaller fishes and other crustaceans. Naturally, the smaller larvae and other smaller crustaceans need to grow during the incubation stage to reach adult stages.  These adult fishes or shrimps are later bred in large tanks to be sold into the world market both as raw food or packed products in live or dry state.


Characteristic Features of Brine Shrimp


The brine shrimp or Artemia as they are called have body that is divided or segmented. They also have broad leaf like appendages and have a length of around 10 to 12 millimeters and no more. Their width is about 4 mm. The whole body of Artemia is divided into three main parts namely the head, thorax and abdomen. They have two eyes mounted on stalks that are quite flexible. Another eye is situated on the anterior part of the head.


One of the most enigmatic of Brine Shrimp functions is that the head do not control their body’s functions like digestion, reproduction and swimming but by localized nervous system. You get to know more about their details while visiting the site at


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Easily Harvested and Sold


Brine eggs from Brine Shrimp Eggs supplier is generally exported from hatcheries that dry and pack them in air tight packing. These are usually sent as eggs that can be hatched at will by consumers after keeping them in their refrigerators.


One of the major advantages of Artemia Cysts is that they have no substitutes that are artificially made by humans. Even if there are products that talk about being close as a substitute for Brine Shrimp Eggs they fail poorly under any clinical tests. Not only have these natural eggs remain high in nutrition they are easily marketed and stored for very long periods. When the newly hatched shrimp comes out they are seen to be high in lipids and unsaturated fatty acids apart from proteins, carbohydrate and ash. The ideal condition for harvesting brine shrimps is high salinity water and cold temperatures; it is produced in very large scale by manufacturers in such areas.


Artemia Cysts are mainly given to crustaceans and larvae during their initial stages so as to guarantee future growth.

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