A Look At The Different Types Of Soft Capsules

These are used to give a medicine in the solid or liquid form. A single capsule is a single dosage. There are different types of caps and the depending on the need or the use of the capsule you need to select the right type of capsule.


So here are the different types of soft capsules which you should know:

1. Soft gelatine capsule:

These capsules are soft to touch. These capsules are also flexible. Liquid ingredients are filled in these capsules. The shells of these capsules cannot be opened. Heat process is used to seal these capsules.

2. Hard Shell Capsule

These capsules have gelatine shells. They have two parts and these are known as the body and the cap. These type of capsules are used to hold solid material. The capsule shell is made from gelatine. These days there are options on gelatine capsules where the material used is 100% vegetarian. The shells can be opened.

3. Sustained release capsule:

These capsules are designed to release the medicine slowly over a period of time. The capsules will release the medicine for a prolonged period and hence will be able to give a prolonged effect. A normal capsule may have to be taken more than once but it may be sufficient to take the sustained release capsule just once.

4. Rectal capsule:

These capsules have to be placed in the rectum. They are used for producing the local effect. This capsule will help in giving immediate effect in the rectum region.

5. Enteric coated capsule:

These types of shells are used when the drug has to be released in the intestine. These capsules are not soluble in the acidic pH in the stomach. These capsules will dissolve only when they reach the intestine. The intestine has basic pH and the enteric coated capsules are soluble in the basic pH.


Depending on the type of medicines and need you will have to select the type of capsules for yourself. Of course the shape and size etc will depend on the dosage of the medicine that has to be sealed in the capsule. There will be some customers will need a larger capsule whereas in some cases a small capsule size will be sufficient. It completely depends on the suitability of the capsules.


While you choose the capsule manufacturer make sure that you choose one that will provide the capsule customization. This could help the customer to get the pills of their preferred size, shape or even color.


Besides customization, it is important that you opt for a manufacturer who will give only good quality products. Select a manufacturer who will give the best product within the stipulated time. Choose a manufacturer who has a good reputation and one who will make sure that they complete the order within the stipulated time.


It's also crucial that the pill manufacturer has true production facilities. He must also be able to offer satisfactory services to the customers at aggressive pricing. So pick out the fine manufacturer to get the satisfactory capsule shells.


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