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Have a glance at the must-do factors for beer brewing equipment



Beer Brewing has nothing to do with complex formulae or hard and fast rules of ratio maintenance of the ingredients. It works on one single and simple principle— starch sources like cereals, popularly barley, are steeped in water. The result is nothing but a sweet solution. This solution is then fermented with yeast. Variety and quality of the beer definitely depend on the ratio of ingredients and raw materials used. But they also depend largely on the brewery equipment used. There are different methods and styles of beer brewing, which have been evolving and developing from the ancient days of the Mesopotamian Civilization or the Egyptian Period in world history.


The availability and operation of beer brewing equipment is not only limited to the boundaries of commercialization. Such equipment is readily available for use at home as well. In some cases, beer brewing equipment is one of the rarest and finest gifts to people on the occasions of birthdays and anniversaries.


Great things require certain steps to be followed, and that too in proper sequence. Most significantly, our environmental variables play a very important role in the brewing of beer. This doesn’t mean that climatic conditions or weather parameters affect the beer brewing process largely. But it has to be kept in mind that the beer brewing method needs three tips to be followed with least hindrance.


What are the three tips?


  1. Cleanliness is an important factor especially when it comes to something which is consumable. And cleanliness cannot be maintained without adequate room for working. So the place where the process will be conducted should be spacious enough.
  2. Temperature stability is a very crucial factor, when it comes to fermentation.
  3. Chilled beer is the best to taste, and we can’t hope to beat the reality. So refrigeration is a must.



Equipment for brewing vary in a wide range in terms of price and quality. But for setting up your own brewery, things are available in the market of good quality and affordable price.


The first thing essential for home brewing is a metal free as well as enamel free brew pot of 16 quartz size with and upgrading capacity of at least up to 30 quartz.

The next significant thing is a brew spoon of 16-18 inches in size made of stainless steel.


An air locked fermenter with a capacity of 6-8 gallons is then needed in which the chilled beer will be put after brewing.


Need for making your own beer


They say that if you want to have the perfect coffee, make it yourself. The same applies in the case of beer as well. Brewing your beer on your own gets you the freedom to experiment with flavours and consequentially get hold of your definition of your perfect beer. This freedom can be provided to you by no other brand, not even the finest ones.


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