Young designers and models showcasing their style in a new platform

Young designers and models are showcasing their style on a new mobile app known as Dapper. The app, available for both Android and iPhones, has been created to help designers and fashion enthusiasts to find cutting edge style ideas. The platform is also allowing the designers and models to learn about the new and trending styles, as well as share own creative style to the fashion community.


The young designers who have used the platform say they have found an innovative tool that allows them to create styles and brands using virtual copies. “With the platform, I am able to move pieces around, put in a few items, experiment with different combinations and incorporate them all together to give a full look,” said one young designer who has found the platform exciting.


Dubbed as a place for dreamers where people can find, create, and connect, Dapper was created with brilliant young designers, models and all fashion and style enthusiasts in mind, a place where they can share their work as well as get pieces which cannot be found anywhere else. Dapper is modeled in a way that creative minds, especially up and coming ones, can get a platform to showcase their creativity, meet like-minded people and even rub shoulders with established designers and stylists. With its three features of find, create, and connect, Dapper is helping people find unique and exciting designs, allowing creative designers to showcase their work, and connect with other like-minded, savvy individuals. In the course of doing this, they are also given an opportunity to improve on their designs, as they will get feedback and comments.


Peter Chen, the founder, says that he drew inspiration while working in development projects at a company called Westfield. He adds that exposure to several flagship shopping centers which were undergoing billion-dollar renovations helped him observe the landlord-tenant relationship and the experience that such a bond brings to a community.


In developing Dapper, apart from serving fashion houses and established brands, Peter’s vision is to minimize the barriers to entry for upcoming fashion designers. He says that receiving such feedback reports make him happy, knowing that his dream has been achieved. “My aim is to help the upcoming fashion designers break the barriers and have a fair chance to take root in this competitive landscape,” said an elated Chen.


Dapper has achieved this feat through collaboration. Chen is proud of a great and bright team that has inspired him to develop a tool that would serve the users and designers as well as add great value to their endeavors.


About Dapper


Dapper is a platform where designers, models and fashion enthusiasts can showcase their work.


Media Contact:

Peter Chen, Founder

Address: Los Angeles, California

Phone: 281-731-1011





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