Flashat Mobile Application Currently Under Usability and User Experience Testing..

Tallinn, Estonia, February 2020 -- Flashat is an innovative mobile app for users to communicate instantly, both privately and publicly through creative features. Development is now complete, and the app is currently being intensively tested for both security and usability.


The app is a merge between Instant Messaging and Social Media platforms with cross-platform messaging. Much like other social media platforms, users can like, follow, and post/message other Flashat users. You can connect to others and become Fans, and follow your favorite stores, restaurants, stars, celebrities, and performers.


Flashat (pronounced “flash” and “at”) allows users to send encrypted instant messages to all those people with phone numbers saved in your device’s address book. With the latest security and technology algorithms for encrypting private messages, you can also communicate with other Flashat users by simply knowing their username without disclosing your personal phone number.


There are two primary security features in Flashat. First, users can use the app to message others by using a phone number or username through text, voice, videos, or any type of files. Secondly, Flashat encrypts any message that is strictly between two users. Developers took it a step further by using encryption that purposely keeps messages truly private because not even the Flashat staff have access to those private messages.


Besides encryption, there are several new concepts with Flashat. You can feel assured that anonymous users are legitimate people, not just bots. All Flashat users are verified by their mobile numbers like you will be when you create your personal account. Second, there is the “Huddle” concept. It is like creating group networks. The difference with Flashat is that users can create public or private Huddles. When you post  messages, known as flashats, in your Huddle, members can respond, like, or repost your flashats. If using a public Huddle, then any Flashat user can interact with your flashats.


Huddles in Flashat are an innovative way to create interactive networks. For example, you could create a Huddle for your favorite football team or hobby as the manager, start discussions, and moderate issues by setting communication guidelines for your Huddle. On the business side of life, you can start a Huddle specifically for groups of customers, separately for suppliers, or specific to jobs and projects. For small or large businesses, Flashat Huddles can be customized to include automatic responses and build a presence of strong customer service.


Flashat will be freemium, which means you can download and use it for free, but there will be Premium features available for small annual subscription. Though the official word has Flashat’s launch date in 2021, be sure to check your app store around the end of 2020 for a pre-launch version.


Premium Flashat include over 20 features. When you choose premium services, users become Flashaters with an auto performance rating of your app usage and activity will add performance points to your account. Those points can then be used to renew your premium subscription or used towards other benefits


This innovative, cross-platform app is quite intriguing and sure to have millions of users in a flash. If you want to pre-book your username and receive an automatic message when Flashat is ready for downloading, go to www.flashat.com now!


Flashat OÜ, incorporated in 2018 in Estonia



Mr. Vishnu Das

Project Manager




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