Airborne Maps: Real Estate and Aerial Photography for Colorado

Denver, Colorado, February, 2020 – While parts of Colorado have become infamous for random sightings of drones on highways and drone swarms, there are practical uses for drones. In fact, Airborne Maps grew from a small data company to a full-service GIS company, and now provides full service aerial photography and drone mapping for the Denver area and Colorado. 


Airborne Maps believes a crisp, proportional image adds to the value of your marketing, whether it’s a brochure, website, or video. The chief pilot, Anthony, ensures the best shot for every job by researching the target location. This process includes finding best time of day, angle, and height.


The importance of aerial shots and video can be understood through Carlos Monaro, CEO of Colorado Limousine’s quote: “Just like flying in a plane for the first time with everyone glued to the windows, aerial photography has the same impact." Speaking visually, imagine a camera shot of several cars next to each other. Now, visualize being above those cars, say 3 to 5 and panning higher to see more and more vehicles, maybe even a hundred vehicles lined up in perfect rows. Which image would you choose if you own a car lot in order to provide a sense of variety? Probably the aerial shot because it shows more vehicles.  


Another industry that is benefitting from aerial shots is real estate. In both photography and video, it is one way to make your property stand above the rest, as stated by Realtor Joanna Hipple: "The unique perspective aerial photography and video brings is a must to modern real estate listings." The competitive advantage brought through drone footage and aerial photography are diverse.


First, and foremost, photos of the home from a slightly higher, lower, or unique angle are more visually appealing and look more professional than the standard flat facing photo. Adding onto this, all angles and unique features of the property easier to conceptualize through photos and videos. Then, the option of virtual internal and external videos with further draw potential buyers to click on a listing.


By hiring an aerial photographer/videographer in the greater Denver area, such as Airborne Maps, your real estate listing, store, or business will have the modern visualizations necessary to boost purchaser awareness and sales. With affordable options and a variety of packages to choose from, contact Airborne Maps at (720) 210-8889 or visit their website at for more information.




Anthony has worked for GeoGraphix, Esri and Premier Data, all in senior roles. Anthony earned his bachelor's degree in International Business from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, and is an avid flyer, GIS person and mapper.



Anthony Ford

Chief Pilot


(720) 210-8889

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