Flashat App introduces a new way of Communication

Tech Report, February, 2020 – Texting today through SMS (Short Messaging Service), is on its way out. While it is a simple way to send a message and has certainly helped us communicate over the past 10 years, there are some disadvantages. For starters, SMS is limited to only text messages. Then, SMS messages travel on control channels between cell phones and cell towers for delivery within seconds. Of course, don’t forget the annoying limitation of SMS to 160 characters only. Furthermore, SMS usage is limited to verifications because it is linked to your phone number through your Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM provider).


But sorry SMS, no smartphone is smart without the internet or cell service. Soon we are going to say goodbye to SMS and welcome a futuristic messaging service that integrates instant messaging with social media. Already in the testing phases, Flashat Mobile Application does not rely on the internet to send messages, documents, or attachments. Flashat Messaging Service (FMS) is the future medium for sending data, including texts, and Flashat Social Media (FSM) is the future of social media integration. Flashat (pronounced “flash” and “at”) allows users to send encrypted instant messages to all those people with phone numbers saved in your device’s address book.


Imagine one place where you can access and respond to messages, posts, and all types of social media - that is what Flashat is. With the latest security and technology algorithms for encrypting private messages, you can also communicate with other Flashat users by simply using their username without disclosing your personal phone number. FMS revolutionizes the way we communicate, provides communication without limitation, delivers messages in fractions of a second, and all you need is Wi-Fi.


The main difference is that all social media platforms are accessible through Flashat. No more annoying app switching when trying to keep up with all your friends and family. Easily send text messages, voice notes, videos, pdf files, PowerPoint presentations, excel sheets, website links; and download, upload and send big files with Flashat Premium. As your modern SMS, Flashat is your app for integrating social media and the ability to text in seconds. With the social media integrations, FSM does everything current social media does, FANS, STARS, FOLLOWERS, VIDEOS, HUDDLES, PRIVATE, PUBLIC, LIKES, CHAT, and INCENTIVIZATION.


Wait...what’s a HUDDLE? Great question! The “Huddle” concept is about creating group networks. Except, unlike other social media platforms, Flashat allows users to create public or private Huddles. Huddles in Flashat are an innovative way to create interactive networks. For example, you could create a Huddle for your favorite football team or hobby. As the manager, start discussions, and moderate issues by setting communication guidelines for your Huddle.


Flashat will be on freemium, which means you can download and use it for free, but there will be Premium features available for a small annual subscription. Though the official word has Flashat’s launch date in 2021, be sure to check your app store around the end of 2020 for a pre-launch version.


This innovative cross-platform app is quite intriguing and sure to have millions of users before it is ready to download. If you want to pre-book your username, go to https://www.flashat.com/ reserve to secure your preferred username today!


About Flashat


Flashat is one of the biggest developments in social media and the Instant Messaging world since its launch in 2004. The new app, which is a combination of Instant Messaging and Social Media, will allow influencers to connect with the world on one platform. Flashat has been described as the most effective messaging app available and has got celebrities and major brands queuing up for its release.

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