New and unique collection of LGBTQ and disabled greeting cards

Celebrating special occasions in life is everybody’s joy and happiness but these moments are brightened when people know there are people out there who think and care about them. In such moments, people normally send gifts and cards as a gesture of love and care. Some groups are normally left out when it comes to these special moments; the LGBTQ and disabled communities, they are excluded from these moments as they are no gifts and cards which reflect their uniqueness. All this is about to change following designing of cards that will feature all walks of life. Maria Navarre seeks to make cards that honour and appreciate these communities during special moments such as mother’s day, birthdays, weddings, just married among others.


“I am looking to change all this through making cards that feature people from all walks of life; the LGBTQ mother’s day, father’s day, the just married cards for same sex couples, greeting cards for disabled men and women among other special moments,” said Maria Navarre while explaining a plan to include a group of people who normally feel left out when the world is celebrating special moments.


Quoting a previous customer who had received the unique greeting card, Maria noted that what she is making is nothing that can be found in a department store.” These are unique cards , made for a group that has been excluded, I want them to feel the joy, knowing that somebody out there thinks and cares about them in these special moments,” added Maria while outlining the uniqueness of this initiative.


Maria is not new in the world of creativity and designing, she has been into shoe making for years and for a couple of years she has dipped her hands in the world of chocolate making even publishing a book on Chocolate decorations. Maria’s current project, releasing of LGBTQ cards is in line with love for unique things and advancement of creativity which geared towards putting a smile on other people’s faces.


For more information, Maria Navarre can be reached through her phone +447512622512 or email


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About Maria Navarre

Maria Navarre is an innovative and creative designer who has combined creativity with love to design products which are meant to spread love and happiness. Having been engaged in a number of activities namely shoemaking , chocolate making , writing and now designing of unique collection of LGBTQ and disabled greeting cards Maria aims at making a communities which have been left out in making special moments feel included.

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