Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, Inc. and Local Nurse Team Up to Provide Face Masks..

SOUTH BEND, IN. (June 1st, 2020) – With COVID-19 devastating the world, communities are learning to adjust. There is a new normal, as people find ways to continue with their lives amid a global pandemic. Wearing masks is the new normal, with experts stating such helps to protect ourselves and others. Government and health authorities have advised people to wear masks when out in the public as a way of preventing infections of the disease that has changed the way the world operates. Due to increasing demand, there has been a huge shortage of the protective equipment, and many are forced to go without or using materials that are ineffective.


As a way of giving back to society and helping vulnerable youth and families, Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, Inc. has teamed up with a local nurse to make protective face masks to help reduce this problem. Masks will be distributed on June 1st, 2020 in the parking lot of the Tutt Branch Library. Aja K. Ellington, Founder and CEO of Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, Inc., stated that they are distributing 100 masks at no charge to displaced youth and families of Saint Joseph County. “More and more young people have been displaced during the COVID-19 crisis. Free Your Wings wants to ensure all youth have access to masks to help protect themselves and others,” added Ellington, who believes greater support for children and families is needed from organizations like Free Your Wings and others throughout the community, especially during this time.


The mission of Free Your Wings is to engage, empower, and elevate youth through utilizing tools that support physical, mental, emotional, and social development. The organization provides opportunities for holistic growth and evolution to strengthen families and communities.


“For individuals to reach their full potential, they must escape whatever cage is hindering them. For them to to escape the cage, they must accept the fact that they are caged. Then they can accept the cage, get the map, form the escape plan to direct their future, and free their wings,” declared the organization’s CEO, while encouraging youngsters to explore their world and overcome any obstacles standing in their way.


About Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, Inc.


Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, Inc. is an organization that empowers youth through community engagement and elevation with the use of tools that support physical, mental, and social development. This community engagement organization focuses on youth support and justice and offers an array of services including: Mentoring & tutoring, life skills education, health and wellness, and community actions among other community engagement initiatives. Free Your Wings Youth Mentoring, INC. is independently owned and operated. They are an equal opportunity service provider.


About Cattleya Masks


Nurse Symphonie Ellington, RN. saw a need during the Covid-19 pandemic and immediately started sewing low-cost masks. Utilizing her craft to respond to the needs of others during this crisis, she has made a huge impact on the community.


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Contact: Aja K. Ellington
Founder & CEO, Free Your Wings, Inc. | (574) 400-5777

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