Scrambler Pain Therapy is now available in Arizona

New alternative pain treatment for CRPS (Complex Regional Pain Syndrome) patients without the need for medications and surgeries is now available in Arizona. The Scrambler Pain Therapy, also known as Calmare Therapy, can be obtained at Superstition Chiropractic Center, a wellness center currently owned and operated by Ryan W Wade DC, MUAC. While making the announcement, Dr Wade said:” We are proud to be the only Scrambler Pain Therapy provider in Arizona to undergo Scrambler Training in both the U.S. and Europe.” Dr. Ryan Wade is licensed by the Board of Certified Chiropractic Physicians to perform physical medicine modalities and manipulation under anesthesia in the State of Arizona and has a high success rate in treatment of patient with CRPS.


Scrambler Pain Therapy, aka Calmare Therapy, is medical technology that provides relief for chronic neuropathic and oncologic pain without the use of drugs or surgery. This FDA-approved therapy has become popular with health experts and patients due to its effectiveness. As the only scrambler pain therapy provider in Arizona to undergo training in The United States and Europe, Superstition Chiropractic Center strives to deliver the best possible outcome for nerve pain, CRPS, and several other chronic neuropathic pain based conditions.


Dr Wade is committed to helping patients lead a normal life, noting that the number of people which are experiencing chronic pain has risen drastically over the past several years due to the opioid crisis. He has decided to commit his time and resources to treat chronic and neuropathic pain in patients who are suffering from RSD/CRPS, Painful Neuropathy, and failed surgery among other complex conditions. Dr Wade announced the offering of a $99 trial treatment for a limited time to allow as many patients to benefit from Scrambler Pain Therapy as possible.


Patients who have benefited from the therapy talk of drastic results and effectiveness. There are also has no known side effects and has been clinically proven to diminish reoccurrence without the traditional side effects such as depression, addiction, and drowsiness. Visit our youtube link:


About Superstition Chiropractic Center


Superstition Chiropractic Center is a wellness center that focuses on improving health through reduction of pain and illness. The wellness center is currently owned and operated by Ryan W Wade DC, MUAC. For some, the center aims at offering a rediscovery of health and wellness while for others it is a new experience that they have never been experienced before. Dr. Wade and the team help those seeking to achieve and maintain optimal health meet their wellness objectives. Although Superstition Chiropractic is located in Gold Canyon serving the East Valley Communities of Mesa, Gilbert, Apache Junction, and Chandler it is not uncommon for patients to travel long distances due to the effectiveness and limited availability of this truly unique therapy.


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