You May Want to Consider Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions


Hand tied weft hair extensions are handmade, thinner and much more natural-looking tape in extensions. Beads on dry, clean hair easily and easily sew them. Depending on maintenance and your care, they could last for approximately 9 to 12 months.


If you wonder about the distress of this installation, there's not much.


You merely have to endure some itching for a moment or 2. There can be some tension to get a day or 2 as your scalp becomes used to the extensions. But if you want my opinion, I feel that the itching is much more psychological than physical! It's the feeling that there is something on your scalp which activates the uneasiness. Click here to get more info about Hand tied hair extensions.


Are hand tied hair extensions high on upkeep?


Well, I would not say so.


You just need to wash your hair once a week and you are able to dry shampoo in between if needed. There's a reason for contact and the washing with water. It will help prolong the life of their extensions.


I also indicate brushing your hair two or three times every day with a boar-bristled brush. Ensure that you don't air dry your roots. But, based on your own hair growth speed, you will need to have them moved up later, or from the 7th week.


You may wonder exactly what I mean by'move up'.


It is really an easy process in which we first cut the series that is sewn to maintain the extensions to your hair. We transfer them up and then loosen up the beads and sew a series to guarantee the hair in place.


These hair extensions normally persist for a year before requiring replacement.


Are tied hair extensions value it?


That's a definite yes, which you may realize if you take a look at the positive aspects.


They're healthier and more natural hair extensions compared to tape-ins.


You don't even have to worry about putting them on or taking off them every day and damaging your own hair.


Your normal hair grows better with these extensions.


You are feeling so much better about your hair, and there is less work because the extensions hold curls nicely.


Are tied hair extensions pricey?


Even considering the many benefits, hand attached extensions are rather reasonably priced.


The actual cost is dependent upon how much you need, where you need to pay more if you want more extensions for quantity.


Longer hair styling choices


Employed hair wefts are especially great for fine hair because it is readily hidden. You do not need to even do the job much to get the look that is desired. It isn't suggested by us for thinning hair and for those experiencing hair loss or damaged hair.


We style your own hair in such a manner that you can not even tell if you're wearing hair extensions or never! We ensure we match the extensions to your natural hair colour.


So you can see, Hand tied hair extensions have many advantages over tape-ins. However, you would be the best person. If you ask me for my own professional advice, I suggest using hand attached extensions to boost your own hair length and volume.


Though slightly more costly than tape-ins, hand tied hair wefts are worthwhile.


You don't have to tolerate some heat or glue during the installation, you've got numerous hair styling choices, and above all, they continue longer using the proper care and upkeep!


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