Accident Consults Seeking To Revolutionize The Personal Injury Arena

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration(NHTSA) statistics indicate that more than 27,000 automobile accidents occur daily in The United States of America. With these statistics,Ray Rakhar, the founder of Accident Consults, stresses the need for a platform where victims can access personal injury lawyers and medical professionals. Accident Consults, is a free mobile application that allows individuals who have been involved in a motor vehicle accident to seek legal and medical assistance. “We are revolutionizing the personal injury arena by creating a national personal injury directory,” said Rakhar while adding that it is highly recommended that anyone who is involved in an automobile accident seeks medical assistance and advice from a licensed personal injury attorney.


The law allows an accident victim to seek compensation for their injuries. Without proper advice, it is not possible to effectively claim compensation. It is for this reason that Rakhar says anyone involved in an automobile accident needs a reliable gateway where they can get medical and legal advice. He adds that at time technology is revolving and Accident Consults will be a one stop shop personal injury portal.  According to one personal injury lawyer who is a Featured member, an application like Accident Consults gives the accident victims an opportunity to read reviews and ratings prior to obtaining their chosen medical or legal professional. On the same note, the app gives the accident victims free access to a multitude of reliable and incredibly useful personal injury professionals such as Chiropractors, Urgent Care centers, Pain Management and even Diagnostic centers and body shops. 


Those who have used the application to seek assistance described it as a convenient way to get help at a time when it is needed most. One user was able to snap the police report and obtain vehicle damage photos and easily sent it to their lawyer of choice. Rakhar adds that Accident Consults is committed to provide a portal for all personal injury needs. In addition, it’s a useful application to network connect among other personal injury professionals. Wherever you are in the USA, simply download the app on your iPhone or Android and have access to Lawyers and Medical professionals. Accident Consults uses geolocation technology to search for personal injury professionals in your area.


Rakhar also noted that Accident Consults App will be adding other great features to enhance safe driving.  Users have had the convenience to obtain a personal injury lawyers and doctors in seconds with the App. Most people now like to read reviews and ratings before they obtain any professional. That is what makes Accident Consult different as well. We provide reviews and ratings while giving the users direct access to qualified professionals.


The app does not only assist accident victims but also helps in increasing the visibility of businesses. Accident Consults is increasing its partnership programs, where it will allow the addition of new features and value to enhance partner’s business listings.


Rakhar concluded with Accident Consults’ future plans for growth: “We are the only Nationwide Personal injury Directory and plan to move forward with some amazing upgrades and we are currently seeking the right Venture Capitalist to jump on board. Car Accidents are going to happen, Accident Consults will be there…


About Accident Consults


Accident Consults is a free mobile application for iPhone and Android that enables users to seek legal and medical assistance after a motor vehicle accident. With the app, users can locate and obtain personal injury lawyers and medical professionals anywhere in the country.


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