Puzzle People releases the summer’s hottest album Love Quarantine

Come June 22nd, Rhythm and Blues and Hip-Hop lovers will be in for a great treat following the release of the hottest album this summer. Puzzle People is set to release a new album titled Love Quarantine, which was produced by Long Beach California based, Black Pyramid Records and will be available on all platforms.


Love Quarantine was composed and written by music producer, Jericho Jackson, and co-produced with Drekara Anderson aka Lady Dre, and has been described as the hottest release this summer, promising to entertain everyone by offering a taste that can be enjoyed by all. “This is summer’s hottest, a dope Hip-Hop/R & B album that promises to keep the fans glued to their screens and their music players,” said Jericho Jackson while describing Love Quarantine.


The album is about love lost and found, borrowing its theme from the current situation where people have been forced into quarantine to prevent the spread of COVID-19. It is a feel good and exciting album that builds entertainment.


Album highlights


One of the highlights of the album is the song titled “What If Jesus come to Georgia”; a song that Jericho says will catch people by surprise.


He assures that the album caters to all his fans that everyone will enjoy the new release. “There is something for everyone in this album, whether young or old. The tantalizing beats and the sweet and well-arranged melodies will not just entertain but also have you tapping the floor as you enjoy and follow the tune.”


There are some songs in the album that Jericho says will catch his fans off guard. He promises great surprises that will show his journey in the music industry as well as reflect the times we find ourselves in.


“No Money No New York”, “Leave Me Your Heart”, “Get Your Loving” are the other songs that can be found on the album.


“This is going to be big! The hottest hip-hop album of the season, and we promise great entertainment, catchy tunes and music that celebrates love. This is the album that you have been waiting for,” said Jackson, promising their fans unrivalled entertainment as they get out of quarantine, occasioned by one of the toughest times in the recent history.


“The new album will be available in all platforms including YouTube, iTunes, and Spotify. Be the first to feel the Love Quarantine, “he commented when listing some of the platforms where fans can access this great album.


About Puzzle People


Jericho Jackson and Drekara Anderson, aka Lady Dre, are the Puzzle People, which was formed this year and is set to release more albums in future. They are offering fans a basket of great and entertaining songs. Puzzle People is a studio band, designed in a similar fashion as Steely Dan.


Jericho Jackson, who hails from Massillon Ohio, the football city, started his singing career when he was just fifteen, when he played in his cousin’s band before moving to California in 1979.


About Black Pyramid Records


From Long Beach in California, the record company, Black Pyramid, formerly known as Play Pretty Production, was established in 2020. The record label aims at moving the music industry forward by any means necessary, hoping to see the stars rise to the top.


Media contact

Jericho Jackson


562 991 3508



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