Spiritual Rap Artist TheBranch Aims To Spread Awareness Through His Newly Launched Album

July 10, 2020 – Spiritual rap artist and songwriter, Joshua Casnave,also known as The Branch,turned a conversation with God into a deep and profound hip hop song.


Servant Songs is The Branch’s debut album which is directly inspired by every spiritual journey that preceded it. With hit singles that include Hallelujah, Show The World, and God Wit Me, each verse of every song speaks from heart, filled with hope and conviction to create a sound of his own unlike anything in the modern music world. Additional inspiring tracks such as What Would Jesus Do, The Watchman, and Praise God provides a glimpse on one’s faith and how it can help anyone overcome all adversities.


“I share a lot of personal battles in this album in the attempt to reach a vast amount of people and to help inspire that hope, power, and victory spirit that is within us all,” Joshua says.  That essence of sincerity and salvation spread through every track on the album, and it has set him on a path that will only lead to a better life and eternal salvation.


The Branch made sure his family was included on the record, with prominent vocal spots from his wife, Echo.  It is almost impossible to listen to this record without being moved by the redemptive power of The Branch’s storytelling. 


“The creation of my album "Servant Songs" is a direct command from God. Literally, He told me to "finish the album" and has guided me in doing so every step of the way,” commented Joshua. Servant Songs is not just a debut album but to help point people towards Him and to lead them towards repentance.


“It's for everyone but particularly for those who are lost and feel like there's no hope. It's to let people know that they are not alone in this world. It's to remind  people that they can overcome anything despite their circumstances, their past, or how the world has labeled them,” he added.


The Branch's album "Servant Songs" is out now and streaming on all major platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and Amazon Music among others. Download your copy now.



Joshua Casnave aka TheBranch


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