Pixel Film Studios announces release of auto-tracking software for Final Cut Pro X

Pixel Film Studios has released auto-tracking software for Final Cut Pro X. While making the announcement, Pixel Film Studios CEO described it as the ultimate tracking plugin bundle to ever be created. The tracker is a four-point motion tracking device made especially for Final Cut Pro X. According to the company CEO, it will allow users to easily apply text, pictures, logos, videos, and animations to footage with a single click, and easily track position, scale, and rotate any object in your video. The precise motion tracking tool is available exclusively for the Final Cut Pro X. With the new tool, the company representative says that tracking will be easier than ever when using it, with enhanced performance.


“Our goal at Pixel Film Studios is to provide Final Cut Pro users with the most technologically advanced trackers at an affordable price,” said David Austin ,the company Chief Executive Officer (CEO) while adding that FCPX Surface Tracker allows the user to track surfaces that warp in the scene within a short time. “Regardless of the motion, whether it bends, turns, warps or moves fast, the tracker will capture it with ease,” added the company representative.


When it comes to enhancing the image, the new tool allows customization of different skin features just the way the user would like. Using the tool, the user will be able to edit everything right from smoothening out skin to whitening eyes, among other enhancement. It also allows for the application of the premade textures in the facial track as well as use of different types of makeup features.


While outlining its features and the capability it will offer to users, the company representative said that the new tool was a planar motion tracking device, which was made exclusively for Final Cut Pro X. He added that users will get great value from the tracker allowing them to enjoy much more capabilities. “With the new tracker, you will be able to track in different directions, as well as track a number of objects just using only one scene,” added the company representative.


The company is offering an introductory offer, where they have reduced the price from $299.75 to the current price of only $99.95. This is an offer that is available to customers for a limited period of time. “I urge people to take advantage of the reduced price to acquire a tool that will revolutionize their professional tracking. The price is subject to change, and we would not want any of our esteemed customers to miss out, so get your FCPX tracker today and experience the difference,” urged the company representative, while welcoming customers to beat the offer price.


About Pixel Film Studios


Established in 2006 by Aliso Viejo, California-based Pixel Film Studios is an innovative developer of visual effects tools for the post-production and broadcasting community. Their products are integrated with popular non-linear editing and compositing products from Apple FCPX.


For more information visit https://store.pixelfilmstudios.com/product/fcpx-tracker-suite/


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