All-In-One Social Media Management Platform has been launched

A platform that allows easy switch from one social media to another has been launched. While making this announcement, Zarina Maizel, CEO  & Co-founder of Tagler Harbor, a company that mainly develops online education platforms, said that users are excited about Social Mako. “We have the philosophy that a platform should be affordable and at the same time deliver great efficiency for the users,” said Zarina while revealing that people hated switching from one package to another or having to spend more in order to add another social media account.


With the new platform, users will spend less time scheduling social media. Everything can be done from the same page with Social Mako; right from designing the images, creation of content, scheduling events, pushing it to the right media and many other tasks. The platform has been built with efficiency in mind—an all in one solution where the management of social media accounts is made easy, convenient, and cost effective.


To illustrate how easy and effective the tool is, Zarina said that a month’s content can be posted within a much shorter time. “You can post a whole month’s content in just 25 minutes!” Zarina added that one only needs a few seconds to schedule content.


“After you create your post, Social Mako allows you to stay on the same screen so you can schedule on the go.” With these features the user saves on time, Zarina confirmed, “you will have enough time to perform other tasks,” while demonstrating how time saving and effective the tool is.


Apart from saving time, the tool also provides users with an option on when to post the content. One can opt to post the content immediately or schedule it for later. It also allows users to add the first comment or simply add the hash tags in the description as well as create jaw dropping designs and content right on the platform.


Other features offered by the platform, which changes how we manage our social media accounts, include graphic design creator where one can select a template and a tool to track social media performance, spy the competitors, schedule cross-platform content posting, and manage messages, among other great features that makes it easy to use several social media accounts at the same time.


About Tagler Harbor


Tagler Harbor is a company that builds digital  education platforms


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