Yasin Toure Launches film production company, Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn

Music artist and filmmaker, Yasin Toure, has launched a film production company that aims at bringing overlooked cultures and communities straight into the limelight. “Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn(JAAJ) aims at cultivating talented writers and filmmakers from underappreciated area sand creating production services that facilitate their growth across various media platforms,” said Toure, during the launch of the production company. As a music artist and filmmaker who has worked diligently to get where she is, Yasin Toure wants togive a voice to those who have been ignoredin the film industry. “I created Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn because I knew my voice was an unheard voice in the mainstream, yet it represented so many of the folks from my neighborhood and my community. And they deserved to be heard, to be seen and to see themselves.”


Yasin says she drewher inspiration from watching films that were not appreciated in the mainstream cinema circuit. “I spent my whole childhood addicted to every black film from the 90’s, classic Bollywood films, and foreign subtitled films from around the globe. I was always deep into a fictional novel or fully engrossed by some old VHS tape I had found from my mother’s collection. This was my beginning and how Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn started tomanifest,” she said, describing her inspiration that started the film production company.


Toure’s father, Sidy Toure, has also been instrumental in her endeavor.His presence, creative mind, and the story of an immigrant from Senegal created the values and backbone for the company. Learning from Mr. Toure, Yasin is working to get the creative “jawns” around the world known and assisting the overlooked societies to get a platform where they can tell their stories and be heard.


“Filmmaking at its core is a collaborative process between creatives but more importantly, it is collaboration between many creative mediums,” said Yasin while adding that JAAJ is a grassroots production company specializing in independent filmmaking, global storytelling, and resources for creative film works.


About Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn


Jus Anotha Afrikan Jawn is a film production company whose mission is to cultivate writers and filmmakers through creating production services for emerging talent to facilitate the growth of original scripts for film, TV, and digital platforms. The production company aims at turning thought provoking screenplays into vivid beautiful films while offering visibility to new undiscovered voices.


Media contact:

Yasin Toure

Los Angeles, CA




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