High Quality PC Game Retailing at The Cheapest Prices in The Market

The gaming industry is set for a revolution following the development of a high-quality PC game that is still one of the most affordable in the market by a Hong Kong based game developer and entrepreneur, Gelander Zeck. The flag bearer game of the ZLM Crafter, a team of highly qualified and talented developers lead by Zeck, went through a major update called Hyperspace. Blink Cam, which is now available on Steam, is a role-playing game where the player is transformed into a data life. In that form the player can access different timelines from the perspectives of the camera to explore what occurred on the Blink Project.


Just as its name suggests, Blink Cam is a camera simulator with the player as the main character trying to survive in the form of data. In the game, the player is supposed to visit different timelines and regions, trying to unlock different timeline recording points and slowly understanding what causes the collapsing of the Blink Project, the loss of the physical body and how to become a data life.


“We have made the game as affordable as possible; it is one of the cheapest in the industry. We are certain that action lovers and gamers alike will like the game and fall in love with its rich features. Survival is the name of the game, and that is the only thing you need,” said Gelander.


To get the best experience with the game, the recommended features for a PC include a 64-bit processor with Windows 10 operating system, intel Core i7-7th, 8 GB Ram memory, GTZ 1050 graphics, DirectX version 12, and a storage capacity of 30 GB.


With the recent update to V1.4.3.0, this ZLM Crafter game is the lowest priced, compared to others. “This game is out indie game. Come join our world, enjoy the cheapest play while getting the highest quality in gaming,” said Zeck, while adding that they will continue giving their fans the best entertainment and engagement in the gaming industry.


Gelander Zeck has made a name for himself, not just in the gaming industry but also in the video editing field. He has used his creativity and ingenuity to offer his clients and fans in different parts of the world stunning video content. He has shown great prowess in the use of applications such as Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D, and Reality Capture, among others, to create stunning VFX videos as well as provide great video editing solutions. He promises to continue providing excellent quality solutions and content that meets his clients’ requirements at a cost that will not dent their pockets.


About Gelander Zeck


Talented and skilled digital media enthusiast, Gelander Zeck, is a great content creator who has disrupted the gaming industry. This digital media graduate from Hong Kong has carved a niche for himself in the digital world, showing great prowess in the creation of quality media. As one of the most active members of the ZLM Crafter Team, Zeck has been developing games for the last two years, with his latest being the Blink Cam.


About ZLM Crafter Team


Comprising of Gelander Zeck and other members who participate in the project on an ad hoc basis, the team was created on 16 August 2012. The team is the result of passion and hard work, and they had come a long way to launch their first game in November 2019.


Media Contact

Business Name: Gelander Zeck

Contact Person: Media Relations

Email: zeck@zlmcrafter.net

Country: Hong Kong

Website: https://zlmcrafter.com/

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