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Top Ranked Pakistani Entrepreneur, Aneel Pasha, is Connecting Entrepreneurs with Investors

With entrepreneurship regarded as one of the pillars that support the economic development of a country, young people are taking creativity and innovation seriously. Aneel Pasha, a top Pakistani entrepreneur, seeks to connect entrepreneurs in a country with overseas innovators and creators. Through an organization that Aneel, anexpat living in Boston, and a group of friends set up, they aim to make it easier to share ideas and practices that promote growth and future developments of entrepreneurs. The volunteer driven organization seeks to connect those who have succeeded in entrepreneurship with young people who aspire to engage in activities that will promote Pakistani entrepreneurs.


The volunteer driven organization, OPEN,was formed onthe basis of understanding the challenges that would-be entrepreneurs face. A lack of resources is one of the main challenges as well as a disconnect with those who have made it. “When you connect the aspiring entrepreneurs with those who have made it, you not only help them learn but also get an opportunity to seek investors or funding for their undertaking.This is what we aspire to achieve with our connections,” said Aneel, explaining that they seek to break the barriers that have made it hard for the young people to prosper in entrepreneurship in Pakistan.


Making it on the list of the top Pakistani entrepreneurs ought not be a hard thing for the youth—others have beaten all the odds, overcome barriers and serious challenges to make it big,” said Pasha, who is a director of several companies including Great Soul Technologies, and Gold Team Asia Pacific, among others.


Aneel was ranked in the top 10 of Pakistani entrepreneurs, all of whom have fought several odds to make their dreams come true. Something she says young people ought to emulate in order to succeed.


For starters, Aneel confirms that there are many areas that one can venture in. All one has to do is identify one’s passion and pursue it to the very end. The commitment shown by the top 10 Pakistani entrepreneurs, Aneel says, played a great role in helping them reach great heights. They did not allow challenges or obstacles to stand in the way of their success journey.They remained focused on their course, were resilient and patient, ultimately getting to their current position. “There are great lessons that can be learned from these amazing people. A lack of resources should not define us, we can conquer that and become genuinely great. With our volunteer-based organization, we are ready to connect entrepreneurs, the established and the new. We believe that in doing that, we will have played our role in helping develop entrepreneurship in Pakistan.” Aneel encourages the youth to take up the challenge, connect with entrepreneurs, and conquer the opportunities.


Connecting investors to entrepreneurs is one the main aim of this volunteer-based organization. It strives to bring the most successful entrepreneurs in Asia together and through this, upcoming entrepreneurs can learn and also connect.


With her experience in establishing several companies both in Pakistani and overseas, Aneel, together with other Pakistani entrepreneurs abroad, seeks to uplift others. Her company, Great Soul Technologies,provides vital services to businesses and individuals, employing more than 100 employees worldwide—a feat that was not easy to achieve.

The call center seeks to promote businesses by fostering Pakistan–USA friendships and strives to change the shape of the country.



Suzanne Lin

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