The Song of the Moment, BROMIE’s new release: “Here With Me”

At a time when the world is going through one of the worst public health crises, people need love and hope as well as assurance that their loved ones are available. “Here With Me”, a new release by an upcoming artist, BROMIE, is promising all this; offering assurance that the special people in our lives will be available no matter what.


BROMIE, who is also a songwriter and a producer, reminds us that people need someplace or someone to seek refuge with when they are going through a rough time. The song could not have come at a better time – when the world needs people who can offer hope that all will be well. The new release, a genre breaking single, is an emotional ballad about the special people who are there regardless unconditionally. BROMIE collaborated with Robin Vane and Iva Rii to give a catchy, emotional, and soulful vocal that resonates with everyone.


The new artist from Los Angeles says that the song is extraordinary, "this record is very special to me, I've put a lot into it," while adding that it is a song that he is dedicating to all his fans and everybody in the world during this difficult period, assuring them that it will all come pass, and the world will become that place that we all enjoy living in again.


The production features an organic dance-pop atmosphere with live instruments and soulful vocals.


While commenting on the new music, Iva Rii, a singer featured in the song, says that this is a song that is timely, coming when people need to be warmed up. “We all need that someone or someplace we can go to when we are having a hard time, and if you don’t have that , just grab your headphones and let the song give you warmth and a well-deserved hug from all of us on this track.“ She mentioned that we are all in this together.


The song, according to Robin Vane, is a bout spreading love and hope in the world. It assures all that there is hope and a better tomorrow regardless of the situation. Robin Vane, in his reaction to the new song, reveals the situation they were in when writing the song. “When Henk Pool and myself wrote this song, we were thinking about people feeling hopeless, and that there is always a way out through the love of God and the love that dear ones have for each other,” said Robin, adding that they are spreading the message of love as well as giving hope, reminding all that there are places and people they can turn to and get all they need to turn things around.


The new song is available for streaming on all platforms.




BROMIE, also known as Vadim Vozmitsel, is a new artist, songwriter, and producer from Los Angeles. Born and raised in a war-torn region of Minsk in Belarus, BROMIE moved to United States in 2000. The new artist started his new music project in 2019, when he released his first single, “All I Have”, featuring Chad Kowal on May 29. The first single was quickly followed by “FOOL 4 U”, a single he did with Julia Ross and released on July 22. BROMIE’s sound is a diverse palette of live and electronic instrumentation weaved with heartfelt vocals and memorable melodies. With a busy release schedule for the rest of 2020, BROMIE has lined up many singles and has promised collaborations with various artists. The new music will be available on all streaming platforms.


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