Pro Debut in Rosarito: Ashton Sylve

(August 29, 2020. Long Beach, California) - Sports are coming back with a 1-2 punch tonight with Ashton Sylve’s pro boxing debut in Rosarito. At 16, Sylve has earned the support and representation through Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Snoop Dog. As a successful amateur and 9-time national champion, Sylve already has a net worth of over $200 million.


As you’d expect, this didn’t come easy for Sylve, who felt his soul yearning for boxing at a young age. He began boxing at 7 years old. At the age of 8, Sylve sported impressively fast moves. Tip: search for “Ashton Sylve 8 speed” on Google to watch a clip, it’s quite impressive! After several years of training, a GoTo Fund was held for him to attend the 2017 international competition in Dublin, Ireland. It was not surprising the amount of recognition gained with his win in that competition.   


His training with Jackrabbit Boxing is paying off in so many ways, as Sylve states, "Hard work makes easy work." Sylve will be going against Juan Magallanes starting at  4 P.M. pacific standard time on Saturday, August 29th. Their showdown will take place on Facebook Sportstijuana Box from Papas & Beer in Rosarito, Mexico. After his pro debut, Sylve will be one of Leo Santa Cruz’s sparring partners for Cruz’s upcoming fight versus Gervonta Davis on October 24th.  


With Sylve’s training and previous championship status, this fight with Magallanes is sure to please and a welcome revival of sports and boxing. So, grab your phone or bring up the facebook app or on Instagram @ashtonsylveh2o to watch as Ashton Sylve debuts against Magallanes Saturday night.  


Jenny Alas

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