Kimberley Balacanao releases her second single "Girls Like You Forever Young " Official Cover

Dedicated recording artist known as Kim is releasing her second single "Girls Like You Forever Young " on 11th September. It'll be available to download and stream through popular music stores online such as Spotify, Amazon Music, iTunes, Apple Music etc.


Kimberley is British Filipino singer and songwriter from London also currently promoting her debut single called "Free Times " which reaches rank 78th in iTunes Chart UK last month, reached top 4 in sound cloud under pop/rock genre, it was also played in various FM radio stations worldwide and surpassed 7 millions stream. As a 13 year old musician her small success motivated her to release her second single and collaborate with her dad this time.


Kimberley is not only a recording artist but she's also a very smart kid. She's currently studying in Tiffin Girls Grammar School in Kingston, the number one Grammar school in United Kingdom. She was also became an official poet at the age of 9 after winning the a poem writing competition during the Wimbledon Book fest Writing Competition on 2016 were 43 schools and more than 4000 pupils took part.


Story behind the single:


Her uncle's favorite song is Forever Young by alphaville and her dad's favorite band is Maroon 5. Last year the whole family attended the Capital Summer time ball concert were Maroon 5 was the main artist and performed girls like you Forever Young mash up and since then it became her favorite track and she decided to make her own version. But she will definitely write more original song in the very near future.








Mobile: 07453359379

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