Financial Abuse: Spirits Forces Attached to the Misuse of Money is now available on Amazon

A bestselling author and influential speaker, Yvonne Brooks, has released a new financial literacy book that aims at helping readers free themselves from financial bondage. According to the author, Financial Abuse: Spiritual Forces Attached To The Misuse Of Money,is coming at the right time, in a period when people are re imagining life and looking at new ways through which they can improve their situation, especially after the pandemic.


In the book, Yvonne explains how readers can identify the spirits attached to the misuse of money, helping them to self-correct and removing current negative attachments and attractions with money.


Available on Amazon, the financial literacy bestselling book will help readers discover the spirits behind their misuse of money mindset, understand why spiritual intelligence is essential for financial success, grasp the tools necessary for removing these negative spirits, develop a specific plan toward emotional healing from past financial abuse as well as overcome obstacles to achieve daily financial success.


“Applying the principles that you will learn in the book will not only achieve financial freedom for you but also allow you to lead a debt free life whether in business or personal finances,” said Yvonne, while outlining some of the lessons that will be learned in reading the bestselling book.


The financial literacy book has come after the author released two more books on understanding children’s emotions and parenting.


Those who have read the book hail it as an eye opener in financial literacy. Jay, a lawyer, says he enjoyed reading the book and added that he learned a lot from the insights shared by the author. He appeals to those who would want to see success in their financial life to get the book: “If you want to enjoy an immediate increase in your life financially and spiritually then read this book now.” Jessica says that Yvonne Brooks taught her about the nine-love principle, which will shape her finances. “Yvonne Brooks hit the spirit of hatred out of the park. I was excited to learn about the 9 love principles that helps me with expanding my mind to create better finances,“explained Jessica.


Similar sentiments were expressed by Jennifer, who is a teacher. She had been seeking for the kind of content and knowledge shared by the author. “After reading the insightful Financial Abuse book, I am more knowledgeable and now equipped with a long sought after financial education,” said Jennifer, recommending the book to anyone who would like to achieve financial freedom, lead a debt free life as well as see themselves achieving business and personal finance goals.


The book is available on Amazon as well as at Yvonne Brooks INC Store.


About the author


Yvonne Brooks is an entrepreneur, bestselling author, influential speaker, and the world’s number one Parenting with Love coach. She is an industry leader in teaching parents about using love to decode their children’s emotional language. She has authored bestselling books that include Building Your Child’s Self-Esteem: 9 Secrets Every Parent Should Know, Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language and co-authored Emotional Banking for Kids, Bully Prevention Tips for Teens, and The Price of Success: Understanding the Cost of Getting a College Degree. She has taught her award-winning workshop “Understanding Your Child’s Emotional Language” to over 1,000 parents in public and private schools and she is well on target to reaching millions. She currently teaches her “Parenting with Love” series at Pierce College in Woodland Hills California.


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