Toute Art 3D Virtual Art Gallery, Home for Talented Emerging Artists

Toute, a unique Sustainable luxury general store, has launched an exciting virtual art gallery, called Toute Art, allowing emerging artists to show their work. While welcoming the vibrant artists to their international collection, James Thompson, one of the platform founders, said that Toute Art is proud to present unique and exciting works of art by their family of contemporary artists.


“The platform is dedicated to the talented new, emerging artist. We are giving them a platform to showcase their talent to the world,” said Thompson while announcing the launch of the art gallery.


While acknowledging that there are many talented artists out there who lack a platform where they can showcase their artwork, Thompson said that at Toute Art, they wanted to connect artists with art lovers.


“Artists need global exposure, and most often they get lost in the social media superhighway. We are creating an atmosphere for art lovers to get up close and personal with a potential piece they are interested in buying and potentially connect directly with the artist,” said James Thompson. He also encouraged artists and art enthusiast, saying that Toute Art welcomes vibrant artwork into their international collection.


While observing that art is an expression of life, Thompson said that it would not mean anything if it did not get to the intended audience. Toute Art is taking care of that by providing a Virtual 3D Art Gallery with a difference. The artist showing in the gallery proves that in the use of various techniques, art can be presented effectively allowing art lovers to appreciate the meaning of the pieces and finding what they need in them. For more info visit here:


Currently Toute Art is offering two installations: a creatives’ rise, emerging artist showcase & United Angels, which are sculptures of people lost in 2020 to tragic accidents, unbeatable sickness, police brutality & senseless violence.


Toute Art is looking for emerging artists, ready to show the world their talent. Those who would like to showcase their art are required to complete an application and once approved, they can get started with a set out within two days.


About Toute Art


Toute Art is a space dedicated to exceptionally talented& emerging artists – a platform giving these artists a chance to show their work to the world. The platform offers a unique experience of color, imagination, and positivity.


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