Keep Warm & Stylish Through the Winter with Heirloom Quality Shearling and Leather Jackets

With winter not too far away, people are looking for ways to stay warm and look stylish. Galvaine, a leather jacket company that creates leather and shearling jackets of the finest quality, is disrupting the leather jacket market, offering luxury and top-grade fashion products at affordable prices.


This season you can keep warm and maintain that stylish look, all this at a very reasonable price,” said Omer Saglam, the company founder while outlining how their company is helping people staying fashionably warm this winter.


The company has been providing its customers with first-class products, designed for comfort and durability, for a decade now. As the company founder puts it, “nothing wears like leather.” Galvaine leather jackets are designed to last a lifetime with no possibility of going out of style or fashion. “You will be wearing it for some years to come, being as good as new and as stylish and fashionable as ever,” said the company spokesperson, also confirming that their heirloom choice products can last for two to three generations.


To provide its customers with fashion that meet the highest standard and design, the company depends on the remarkable workmanship of its experienced artisans – people who are dedicated to their craft and motivated to give their best.


Shearling sheepskin coats, which were originally made in World War 1 to shield soldiers from the freezing winter temperatures, have been replicated and combined with suede, genuine leather, and wood to make them trendier and more stylish. Made only with Spanish merino sheep wool, these coats are regarded as the highest quality ever and are available at reasonably low prices, according to the company representative.


When asked how they are able to sell such luxurious products at such low prices without compromising on their standards, the company spokesperson explained that they sell directly to the customers. They have eliminated the middlemen, thereby cutting the costs that are usually added in between. These products, including leather biker jackets, are available on their website


About Galvaine


Galvaine is a family-owned leather jacket company that creates leather and shearling jackets and coats of the finest quality. The company, which has been in operation for the last ten years, takes pride in providing its customer with luxurious, top-grade leather jackets at reasonable and affordable prices. Galvaine has a reputation for its premium, genuine leather jackets, carving a niche in the leather industry .Based in Istanbul, Turkey, the company distributes its products across the globe with a customer base spread over Europe, the USA, Canada and other parts of the world.


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