Tricounty Brokers Is Now Hiring - The New South Florida Brokerage Shaking Up The Market...

September, 2020 –– As part of an effort to expand the company’s foothold in the Florida market, CEO and Founder of Tricounty Brokers, Ynelis Luna is excited to announce the firm’s move to expand its teams and hire new talents.


The growth of Tricounty Brokers exemplifies the company’s commitment to satisfying the needs we see in the market today and provide customers with the best service possible.

“I take the task of encouraging and educating others very seriously. It drives me to show up daily as the best version of myself. I Push myself to my highest potential in order to help others do the same,” said Ynelis Luna, CEO and Founder of Tricounty Brokers.


“It is my daily driver. Throughout my entire career my number one skill has been developing others. Our industry is driven by the customer experience and process but it is something missing in real estate and this is where I see the opportunity for small boutique firms like myself to make the greatest and most powerful impact. Large firms are known to focus on numbers alone not people,” Ynelis added.


The company strive to enhance the value of the properties they manage by ensuring that every property is competitively positioned in the marketplace and providing comprehensive and effective property management. And for this to be a reality, Tricounty Brokers is looking for results driven, market disruptors.


According to its CEO, “We have a strategic vision of how people come first and profits will follow. Like minded real estate professionals who are ready to step into their future. Ready to create a real estate business built to last for years to come.”


It is always important to make the right decision and join a firm that is committed to its people and their business success. You don't have to do it alone. Tricounty Brokers can help aspiring individuals build a business they love while elevating them to new heights. This is because they help their people grow and learn while earning and keeping more of their money.




Our industry is shifting. We are not just sales professionals we have the ability to make a powerful change and impact our communities. This is the long awaited change that is sought after and rarely found. By serving our clients at the highest level. We can Strengthen each other, the industry and our communities.



Ynelis Luna
CEO & Founder

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