inSircle, the first smart contact app, has launched a crowd funding campaign

An app that allows its users to locate and reach out to the people in their lives easily has launched a crowdfunding campaign. While announcing the launch of the app on crowdfunding platforms, namely Indiegogo; Peter Pham, the founder of InSircle, said that they are addressing the “where” question in contact and communication app.


Narrating how the idea of inSircle came about, Peter, who is a software engineer and an entrepreneur, says that the app was born out of an idea to communicate with his wife and coordinate things at home. “At times, my wife was driving, and she couldn’t answer my calls. With kids having to be picked up from school among many other activities, I was left wondering what to do. So, I thought of an app that allows people to locate and contact each other without the need for a lot of interactions with the phone.” Peter also added that he came to realize that such a feature would help to remove many inconveniences in those situations that cause people unnecessary stress and anxiety.


With the smart contact app, users will be relieved of the stress and anxiety of not knowing the whereabouts of their loved one, or the agony of spending time wandering around looking for someone at work or in a meet up place. “You may be travelling together with a friend or a loved one, and when you part ways you may find it challenging to reconnect. The app solves all this! There will be no need to spend time looking for one another. This smart contact app can do all that and more by saving on time, driving-in-circles gas, and even unnecessary worry. “said Peter adding that the app will also help small business owners improve their business efficiency, as employees can use it to deliver and collect anything while they are on the move.


The app also includes messaging and video call features seamlessly integrated for smooth user’s experience. Making it a complete contact tool, from locating to making contact in a few simple steps. Video conference call is also supported with up to 5 users on the same call.


While explaining how the app works, Peter confirmed that several language option are available on the app, including English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Hindi, and Vietnamese; promising that more languages will be available in the near future as inSircle grows.


With the crowdfunding, Peter intends to reach the masses, deploying their services across North and South America as well as other continents.


The app is currently available on the App Store and Google Play.


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About inSircle


inSircle is a Silicon Valley, California-based software development company that was founded by Peter Pham, an experienced technology entrepreneur.

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