The Texas Tax Pro is offering an exclusive “Pro Class”

Texas Tax Pro is a black owned financial tax services company that has launched an exclusive Pro Class. The class is a step by step coaching program that provides everything needed to start, grow, and maintain a successful Tax Practice. Among the areas which are covered in the Pro Class are: EFIN/PTIN assistance, Effective Marketing Techniques, Profitable Fee Calculations, Compliance Tips, Record Keeping Tips, Professional Software, and Bank Product options.


While outlining some of the benefits that comes with enrolling for the Pro Class, Thomas Financial Services CEO, Shatonya (or Rosie) Thomas, said that, “Starting a tax business allows you the opportunity to earn a substantial income all year while safely working from home.” 


Citing a popular quote by Oprah Winfrey, “Don’t worry about being successful but work toward being significant and the success will naturally follow,” Coach Rosie explained that Thomas Financial Services is out to help entrepreneurs and businesses with their tax consultancy services, promising to provide knowledge that is actionable and relevant.

Rated as the top tax experts in Texas, this tax pro focuses on helping her clients understand the process, in line with Abu Bakr’s famous words: “Knowledge without action is meaningless.”


The tax business expert says the Pro Class will offer participants a chance to learn how they can apply the knowledge they get to assist enterprises to comply with the law in a way that benefits them financially.


Rosie describes the training as part of their endeavor to offer clients top quality and value adding services. The tax consultant aims at building and maintaining a long-lasting relationship with her clients, this training being one of the many activities geared towards achieving this. For more info,Visit here:


Mrs. Thomas also added that the TexTaxPro Software special pricing is available for class participants. More information about Pro Class is available, so if you are interested please email us at or follow the coach, Shatonya (Rosie) Thomas, on IG @TexasTaxPro.


About Thomas Financial Services


Thomas Financial Services is a professional tax firm founded in 2008 by Shatonya Rosie Thomas, a 12-year tax veteran and financial coach. Serving Dallas, Fort Worth, Houston, and surrounding areas; the company provides its customers with top level customer service that guarantees accurate returns at a reasonable fee. Offering income tax preparation and electronic tax filing for taxpayers who are looking for fast refunds, the company focuses on providing meticulous and high-quality services.

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