First Option Mortgage Opens Two New Locations

First Option Mortgage has opened two new branches in Ft. Myers, FL and Corbin, KY. With the two new branches, which were opened in August 2020, First Option Mortgage aims at providing their customers with closer and better services. While announcing the opening of the two new locations, Fobby Naghmi, who is the EVP, National Sales Manager, said that their goal is to be present in areas that greatly benefit the real estate market. “Our goal is to open new markets where we can be of the greatest use to the real estate market. Both Ft Myers and Corbin have a focus on the purchase market, which remains our long-term goal,” explained Naghmi.


The company, which started with an idea of providing a better life to its employees and customers, now has a national footprint and more than two hundred employees. While assuring that the two new locations will provide its customers with the best services as is their tradition, the company representative said that they are proud to have impacted people’s lives positively. “Since the company’s founding, we’ve built personal relationships with each of our customers to better the process for everyone,” said the company representative, adding that tenacious commitment to the people they serve has borne fruits, allowing them to grow into a big family as well as a respected company.


The company’s goal is to have a nationwide network of retail branches, something that the company spokesperson says they are achieving one step at a time. With the opening of the two new branches, the national lender, which is licensed in 36 states, is moving closer to the people they serve, enabling them to provide a better life in what they do and to the local communities that they are focusing on. To them, the communities that they serve are not just seen as places of work but as their homes, where they live and raise their families.


While commenting on the process of opening the new branches in Corbin and Ft Myers, Whitney Hall, the branch manager in Florida termed the process as seamless: "It has been a seamless transition with an all hands on deck approach and the leadership team right here at FOM (First Option Mortgage)." While Ben Minton, the Corbin branch manager commented that FOM emerged the at the top. "I spent three months vetting First Option Mortgage, and seven other companies. None of the others seemed to have the complete package like FOM did,” he explained.


The mortgage company aims at helping families, the veterans, newlyweds, retirees—people of all walks of life. While appreciating that buying a home is a herculean task, one that is life changing, Naghmi said that they are committed to providing information on all the inquiries that come to them, also adding that they put people first.


First Option Mortgage has positioned itself as the first people to turn to for those who intend to purchase a house. According to its spokesperson, the company helps with the new purchase, evaluating all the options they have and recommending the most appropriate.


About First Option Mortgage


First Option Mortgage started in 2004 and is based on Atlanta, GA. The company was founded with the goal to provide a better life for employees and consumers. The national lender is licensed in 36 states and has over 200 employees.




Fobby Naghmi

EVP, National Sales Manager


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