A Unique Photographer Is Helping Local Companies in Santa Barbara Tell Their Story

A renowned photographer is assisting local companies in Santa Barbara tell their stories through portrait photography and original visual media. Armed with vision and a camera, Ignacio “Nash” Moreno, is offering the business community of Santa Barbara portrait photography and unrivalled visual media. With his approach to photography being visual storytelling, Nash believes that every client, person, business, and location has a story.


Nash, who moved to Santa Barbara recently, calls the new town his home and is committed to assist local companies tell their stories visually. His photography work has been directly influenced by the sights and community where he grew up.


Over the years, this award-winning photographer has gained professional experience working with local companies in different sectors, producing a variety of original content and marketing materials. His creativity and professionalism have seen him nominated for numerous photography awards and exhibitions in local galleries, magazines, and film festivals.


Happy clients


Nash’s prowess in photography has been noted and recognized far and wide, by writers, film societies, businesses and also individuals. His clients and admirers speak highly of his work.


Malcom, a writer who came across Nash’s work in an article in Edible San Luis Obispo had this to say about the photographer: "Do you know that feeling when you are scrolling through Instagram, or you stumble upon a website of beautiful images, and it just pulls you in? Well, that is what happened when I came across Nash Moreno’s article in Edible San Luis Obispo," said Malcolm Jon, writer in a review of Nash’s work.


A client who promises to go back for more of Nash’s photography describes the experience, saying that the photographer, who shoots on location, made her feel comfortable during the whole session. "Absolutely loved everything about the shoot. He made me feel comfortable when taking the pictures (I was nervous at first) and did everything I asked for & MORE. He can do anytime of the day, which made it nice, considering it was around my schedule. I loved the outcome and will definitely be going to him for further shoots!" described Nicole Rios.


"Nash Moreno, armed with a vision and a camera, brings attention to interesting locales here in The Central Coast,” said Daniel Lahr, an author for The Central Coast Film Society, in another review of Nash’s work.


About Ignacio “Nash” Moreno


Ignacio “Nash” Moreno is a Santa Barbara, CA-based photographer, and director. He captures impressive scenes and highlights natural beauty, with the human element. Nash specializes in commercial, landscape, and portrait photography. Over the years, he has gained professional experience working with local companies in different fields and sectors. Nash, who grew up in The Central Coast, draws great influence from the sights and community he grew up around in his photography. His strong connection and local outreach have seen him engage in volunteerism, working for non profits as well as speaking at local schools and events.


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Ignacio "Nash" Moreno


(805) 868-0485



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