Michael Borowski Debuts Solo Piano Record "Peace Valley" Helping Find Light, Hope, and Peace

An album that the performer and composer says is meant to help people find light, hope, and peace through listening has hit the music stores. Peace Valley is a Michael Borowski debut solo, piano record release. Michael Borowski, a renowned and highly sought pianist, dedicates the song from bottom of his heart to all his fans and beyond. With each of the compositions being very personal, Michael says that it provides peace and light during the darkest of times and wants to extend the same to others.


"The album is meant to help people find light, hope, and peace through listening," says Michael.


The album is produced by Will Ackerman, Grammy-winning artist and producer, and Windham Hill Records founder.


In his remarks, Will Ackerman described Michael Borowski as a musician and composer whose heart gives all a view into the human soul. "It's a blessing to find a path in life which offers one pride and pleasure. I'm fortunate beyond measure to be able to make a living as a guitarist and music producer. Producing musicians who are brilliant players and remarkable composers is the grail we seek," says Will Ackerman describing PEACE VALLEY as an album that is as brilliant as it is profound.


Michael says it is a dream come true for Michael to be working with Will. His work as an artist and producer has influenced Michael's music from a very early age. He has even selected him as a producer for his next record.


Aside from music, Michael is a lover of life, family, and nature. He is a proud father, amateur beekeeper, and a strong advocate for finding a cure for Alzheimer's disease. Michael's mom, Cindy, who gave him the gift of the piano, passed away from the disease in 2018, after a 12-year struggle.


For more info about the availability of the album, visit www.michaelborowskimusic.com


About Michael Borowski


Michael Borowski was born in Souderton, Pennsylvania, to a highly decorated and respected piano teacher, Cindy Borowski-Burns. His piano journey started at the early age of 4, where he showed great interest in classic compositions. He draws inspiration and influence from great classical composers such as Beethoven, Debussy, Copeland, and Barber.


At the age of 10 years, Michael started composing own music and improvising it daily at the piano. He learned the full George Winston album "December" and performed it alongside his composition whenever he got a chance. He studied Music composition at Temple University, where he was in the same class with the likes of pianist Charles Abramovic and composer Maurice Wright. While here, he started playing in bands and became a highly sought-after Keyboard player, particularly in the Jam Band scene. He has toured nationally with various acts such as Manic Mule, Dirk Quinn Band, MiZ, and Philadelphia based Grateful Dead tribute band, Splintered Sunlight.



Michael Borowski





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