Sparkle Nail Spa in Columbia Celebrates Ten Years of Satisfied Customers

(November 2020. Columbia, South Carolina) - Sparkle Nail Spa, an establishment offering salon services, has re-ignited itself by instituting a raft of measures aimed at improving its customer experience. The nail spa is marking its tenth year, promising a new and better customer experience. The business owner said they operate under the tag "Let your beauty shine" and promises great things in the next decade. "We value our customer's time; we want to serve them on time. When a customer books a session with us online, we strictly follow that," said the nail spa representative.


Among the measures that the beauty establishment has taken include introducing an online booking where can plan their schedule and book for pedicures, natural manicures, nail enhancements, waxing, and kids' services, among other services offered at the nail spa at the comfort of the house or office.


Sparkle Nail Spa recently moved to a new location. "The environment, the setting, beautiful modern setting will give our customers a unique experience and a fun atmosphere," said the owner while describing the new location. The beauty establishment has also introduced a specialty service, Himalayan Sparkle pedicure, that everyone is talking about.


"With our new service, customers can get unique services that are not available anywhere else," said the owner while adding that they now have a cute and fun scratch card that allows customers to win something every time they visit.


Sparkle Nail Spa representative says that the friendly environment they provide for their customers, the relaxing mood that characterizes their premises, and their core values are Respect, Ethical, Authentic, Love (REAL), which sets them apart from other salons. "With our creative nail artist, we offer a unique experience that leaves our clients satisfied. We aim at providing an experience that will not only get natural beauty but also make the visit the best and most memorable," said a spa representative.


About Sparkle Nail Spa


Over the last ten years, Sparkle Nail Spa has come to understand and connect with their customers. Through its core values and commitment to offer excellent customer experience, they have provided salon services that leave the customers satisfied. Their mission is to provide exceptional services that enhance their beauty and transform them to their best levels. They aim at being the industry leaders focused on celebrating each individual's natural beauty.



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