Retire Not Expire: A Perfect Thanksgiving Holiday Gift for People Who Anticipate Retiring

J.L Edwards, the award-winning author of an essential retirement planning guide, is offering people who anticipate retiring soon something to ponder this Thanksgiving Holiday. The book titled Retire Not Expire is a real eye opening guide for anyone anticipating retirement as well as for those who are just beginning their retirement planning journey. Ms. Edwards uses her 30+ years of experience in the retirement and employee benefits field to provide the reader with hands on knowledge on the intricate and often veiled process for planning for your future retirement.


The book offers excellent insights into today's complicated world of 401(k) benefit plans, social security benefits, health and live insurance coverage and estate planning. As an added bonus, the author provide the reader with real world financial illustrations that help the reader to quickly see how to maximize their benefits.  The short and insightful book is friendly and easy to read. Unlike many others covering the topic, it has real examples, most of which are quite familiar and will help the reader focus on the navigation to retirement.


The book offers a balanced, simplistic no-frills approach to reaching retirement objectives. According to the author, the book aims to help the reader have the cash to live the life they have dreamed of and imagined for retirement. It is a book filled with wisdom on making the best choices to optimize your future retirement.


The author poses the question: “is the three-legged stool broken? She helps the readers to answer the question through exploring the three-legged stool theory for retirement planning: (1) our 401(k), 403(b), or 457 plans, (2) income from social security, and (3) our personal savings. The book provides insightful answers questions such as ". . .


what happens when one leg of the stool is broken, and another leg is completely missing?" The book Retire Not Expire seek s to help the reader to plan their lives and avoid living in poverty during their retirement years. "It's time we begin to re-imagine our ideal retirement because the three legged-stools is broken," says J.L. Edwards while explaining the importance of having all the three legs in a stool intact.


Retire Not Expire further covers the following areas: the types of retirement plans, social security benefits, life insurance, estate planning, and health insurance. It uses real-life examples and financial illustrations to help readers see the importance of beginning their planning process as early as possible. In addition, the guide points the reader to various strategies of reducing debt, engaging in estate planning, and building generational wealth.


Recommending the book for its insightful and in-depth coverage of retirement as a topic, Deonne Williams says, "This is a great book on retirement planning. Delivered with humor and personal anecdotes instead of referring to investment plans, etc., with acronyms that I don't get. I recommend it to anyone."


Carol Alwood, who has already read the book, likes everything about it, the author's answer on the tricky question of retirement, the deep insights about planning for the future, and the personal stories that she has used, and the captivating graphics. "The question about when a person ought to retire and what that might look like is a complex question, but this author tackled the subject well. In a concise way, this book will help readers think through all the essential aspects of retiring, including when is it financially feasible, what will I do next, and how will I stay social through it all? I liked the graphics and personal stories, "says Carol Alwood in her review of the book while urging people to read it and also give their loved ones as a gift this Thanksgiving Holiday.


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About J. L. Edwards


Driven by her life experience, where she watched three generations retire: her great-grandparents retired in poverty; her grandparents were poor as well, but her mom learned the lessons from the previous generations and set out to educate herself about real estate, investments, and estate planning. J. L. Edwards believes that no one should retire in poverty. She is taking a step further by sharing personal and professional lessons. J. L. Edwards has worked in the employee benefits and the retirement field for New York Life Insurance Company, Discovery Communications, the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA), and the American Council on Education. In addition, Ms. Edwards has been recognized by the Government Financial Officers' Association (GFOA) and other institutions for her work in the employee benefits and retirement planning field.


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