An Internship at United Nations Leads Your Future: The New York Graduate Plan

(November, 2020. New York City) - There has never been a time like 2020 in modern history. With a global pandemic, the rise of racial equity hitting a fever pitch, and the global warming caused by worldwide environmental issues growing into a pinnacle global event. The ability to lead with diplomacy is more critical than ever before. Though those just graduated from college, how can they step up tangibly without years of experience? The New York Graduate Plan (The Plan) is a perfect opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and relevant diplomacy experience, with courses, hands on experience and an internship to master skills to lead diplomatically.


In 2014, after many years of work, Nonviolence International New York (NVI-NY) and the United Nations Institute of Training and Research (UNITAR) started a joint venture and launched The Plan. With restrictions related to the pandemic, The Plan has been converted to an interactive online platform as a world-class program with more content, enhanced accessibility, and more unique opportunities than ever before, including direct integration with UN Systems and conferences.


“NVI-NY programming is unprecedented” 2018 alumni, Michael Gelb, explains; "You'll be working with and watching the biggest fighters for peace and human rights. Learn everything you can from these people, ask questions, talk to delegations when you can, start a project, and go a little outside your comfort zone. Not many people can say they have an internship at an UN-accredited organization."


The three areas of study in The Plan are UN Civil Society Engagement, Practical Peacebuilding, and Nonviolent Methodologies. Active diplomats and expert lecturers focus on peacebuilding, leadership skill sets, and intervention research and development from a Civil Society perspective with Nonviolence International New York. Combined with intensive workshops and research, The Plan provides over 300 hours to build knowledge and diplomatic abilities.


Practical internship experience totaling 80+ hours is realized in the final portion of training through the United Nations' Civil Society coalitions. This online program's beauty is that students won't accrue the expenses associated with moving and living in NYC, but can make connections with UN staff, diplomats from member states embassies, and civil society while participating in a community of like-minded individuals from the comfort of their homes.


Those with years of experience in volatile countries have also gained valuable experience in The Plan, particularly in the internship programs. For example, after six years of experience in Cambodia and the Philippines, Jarrett Davis attended The Plan. Upon completion of his internship, Davis stated, "I think if I had the opportunity earlier in my career to join a program like Nonviolence International's, I would have been put in sort of an express track, to learning some of those perspectives & experiences critical to diplomacy."


With all the difficulties in 2020, NVI-NY pivoted to provide The Plan online. Additionally, several sponsors and donors provided funding for scholarships. Those who apply as one of the first 40 applicants will receive a $10,750 sponsorship. This opportunity makes The Plan very reasonable at the cost of only $4,000. Some of the sponsorship is provided through experts worldwide, volunteering their time and knowledge to make sure the international community's future leaders know how to build a better world. The Plan is more than a "theoretical academic exercise," providing students a unique opportunity to accelerate their career. The Plan is waiting for anyone who has ever considered a career in diplomacy, political science, or human rights. Applications are being accepted now through the NVI-NY site at


About The Plan


The New York Graduate Plan Online is an educational collaboration between Nonviolence International New York and UNITAR that seeks to build graduate students with a passion for peacebuilding and international affairs into future diplomats. Over the course of this program, students will learn from UN diplomats in diplomatic training sessions, master the art of peacebuilding in workshops at Nonviolence International New York and personally lead world-changing digital fieldwork with Civil Society at the United Nations.


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Administrative Director

Joshua Kirshbaum
Executive Director
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