Black Star Extensions (BSE) is changing the Status Quo of the Hair Extensions Landscape

A new emerging luxury hair brand, Black Star Extensions (BSE), is changing the hair extensions landscape with a combination of self-care and social consciousness. With social consciousness at its roots, the luxury hair brand is one of the first of its kind. BSE’s aims to challenge its customers to think beyond the superficial, finding creative ways to financially support Black and African women in the diaspora. The mission of Black Star Extensions is to be a place "where it is not enough to just look good, but to do ‘good’", said Leandra Ansah, CEO, and founder of Black Star Extension.


According to a statement by the CEO, Black Star Extensions is promoting continuous social awareness and charity through self-care. They are calling it a “hassle-free and easy avenue” to support a charitable mission where the customers will be using money, they were already going to spend on themselves. The brand will donate part of the proceeds they receive from the sale of the luxury hair extensions to a woman-centered charity. “We donate 10% of our yearly proceeds to the Worldwide Fistula Fund, which works toward treating and preventing childbirth injuries (obstetric fistula) in low-income women with a focus on those in West and East Africa”, said Ansah, while revealing the nature of their social consciousness engagement adding that they are finding a creative way to financially support a noble cause.


"The new frontier of the beauty industry should be social consciousness through self-care," said a customer who had purchased the product, adding that it feels good when you know that the product you have bought contributes to the wellbeing of society. “I am elated to learn that part of the money which I have paid towards a product that I find very useful will go towards charity; it is a double gain. I got what I wanted and also contributed towards helping a fellow woman”, said an elated customer, while acknowledging that social consciousness and self-care are a perfect combination; the new frontier of the beauty industry.


COVID has greatly impacted the business, but Ansah says that this has not hampered their dream of reaching thousands of women who identify with their message of self-care that benefits others.


With the end of the year coming up, Ansah notes that it is a perfect time to purchase with BSE and support Worldwide Fistula before this year's proceeds are finalized.


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About Black Star Extensions


Black Star Extensions launched on January 1, 2020, by Leandra Ansah, an attorney by trade and long-time hair extensions user. Ansah often uses hair extensions as a protective style for her natural hair but was tired of the superficial messaging that surrounded some of her favorite hair brands. She decided to be the change she wished to see and started BSE. The name Black Star Extensions is a nod to Ansah's heritage. Her family is originally from Ghana, West Africa, and Ghanaians are often colloquially referred to as "black stars" because of the prominent black star in the middle of their national flag. Operating under the tag “where it is not enough to just look good but to do good”, Black Star Extensions aims at combining self-care with social consciousness through the promotion of its socially conscious luxury hair and mink lashes.


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