A music collaboration that is bringing a breath of fresh air combining Hip Hop and Pop Music

Future is bright for two music recording artists - Michael J Foxx & Sydney Sexton. The two who are collaborating on the production of a new joint album have a lot in common; they both draw their influence from different music genres and have a unique style of music which aims at inspiring their audience as well as telling their story in a captivating and catchy way.


With this great combination and creativity the two artists who are working together in Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada, have been hailed for the role they are playing in changing the music scene.


With his positive vibes, Michael J Foxx says his music is rooted in the ups and downs of life. Through his music, he wants to tell his story, let people know him and the things he has gone through in life. This kind of message is well-captured in the lyrics of one of his singles in his latest album, "When the Streets Lights Come on”. In a harmonious melody with Sydney Sexton, Michael J Foxx’s inspiring words are hard to miss, from the likes of “Dream big and live big and never forget where you come from” to “Wanna see my dividends up, Everything you do you gonna do real big.” This is a big break from most of the current lyrics which are full of lewd lyrics. The two are giving Hip Hop music a fresh breath, the kind of music that people would like to hear. This is an observation from most of their fans, who have hailed their music as clean, inspiring, and educational at the same time.


In a recent podcast at Atlantic Axess, Michael J Foxx said that with their collaboration, they aim at bringing the 90s back to life. On the role that Sydney plays in his music, Michael J Foxx seems to have a special working relationship with the singer. “Sydney is awesome; she complements me in all angles on music,” said Foxx, while adding that they have done several tunes together and their future is bright. Foxx says that for him working with Sydney has opened many fronts. She has been a great pillar in his music career and he looks forward to working with her on future albums.


When asked about the choice of his style, Michael told Atlantic Axess that each song represents a story he has gone through in his life. He wants people to know him through his music and appreciate the positive clean vibes.


Their music is available on all platforms including Youtube, Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music among others.


For more information about the artists visit: https://linktr.ee/MichaelJFoxx


About the artists


Michael J Foxx is a hip hop recording artist and music producer. Born in Harlem, New York, he says his music is rooted in the ups and downs of life. Michael graduated from NYU with a degree in Audio Engineering and Production. In 2019, Michael relocated to Moncton, N.B., Canada. With rich melodies and catchy hooks, Michael J Foxx has stepped into the East Coast music scene with a few tricks up his sleeve to collaborate with artists of all styles and genres to build and leverage talent.


Sydney Sexton is a recording artist, singer, and songwriter. Born and raised in Moncton, N.B., Canada, she has a style of her own. Influenced from a young age from a variety of different music genres, with a unique sound that transcends across all styles of music from R&B, hip hop, pop, and contemporary. Stepping into the music scene she has recorded covers, written and recorded original music. She is collaborating with Michael J Foxx on the production of a new joint album and displays a very bright future in the music industry.


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