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Solid State Relay Manufacturer


PCB mounted solid state relays, also known as PCB SSR Relay, PCB mountable solid state relay, PCB mount solid state relay, PCB mounting solid state relay, PCB mount solid-state DIL (Digital Integrated Logic) relay, solid state PCB-mount relay, which are packaged with standard industry SIP (PCB SIP solid state relay) and DIP (PCB DIP solid state relay), can be used directly on the Printed Circuit Board. The PCB SSR also has the advantages of small size, easy installation, low price, and etc. According to the output power, the housing of the PCB solid state relay can be metal or plastic. Because they generate very little heat, it is usually not necessary to install an additional heat sink.


We offer two series of PCB mount solid state relay: GJ series (SIP solid state relay) and JGX series (DIP solid state relay). GJ series PCB solid state relays use Single In-line Package mounting dimensions. JGX series PCB solid state relays use Double In-line Package mounting dimensions. They can be used into application with control signal (3~32VDC, 0~10mA) and equipment load (1~8A, 5~220VDC, 220VAC/380VAC).


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