Sweet Ideas For Your Sweetheart On Valentine’s Day

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Kate Spade (swipka79)

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Sawyer Pacho (sawyerlol)

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Kate Spade (swipka79)

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Annie Veskie (everylittlething)



When Valentine’s Day is approaching, the pressure to find the
perfect way to say “I love you” is on. Want some help making
a big impression without breaking your budget? Call your


According to a recent Loveawake dating site study, Americans send red roses to their sweethearts
on Valentine’s Day, but red roses aren’t the only option. In fact, in terms of roses, there are hundreds of colors and varieties to choose from. To make a lasting impression, consider sending roses in beautiful pastels or ask your florist to make a unique arrangement including a variety of colors. If your sweetheart is truly partial to red roses, there are actually many shades and textures available. You could choose a deep burgundy shade or a red with just a hint of orange. Ask your florist to show you all available shades and pick the one you find most striking – chances are your Valentine will be moved by the selection, too.


It’s true that roses are one of the more expensive varieties of flowers, especially around Valentine’s Day when they are in high demand. If you find roses to be above your means, tell your florist the amount you’d like to spend and ask for help in creating the perfect arrangement for your budget. Even a gorgeously designed bud vase is sure to bring a smile. That way, you can choose just a few elegant blossoms in her favorite color or variety, which helps you stay within your budget and still shows your sweetheart how much you care.


Other popular Valentine’s Day ideas include:

* A design that incorporates your sweetheart’s hobby or
special interest, such as a beautiful arrangement in a
sewing basket for someone who loves to sew.

* The Tussie Mussie, a bouquet using a variety of flowers
with bound stems.

* An arrangement of spring flowers like lilies, daffodils,
tulips, or hyacinths.

* Green or blooming plants. Your florist can create a great
mix of green and blooming plants in a dish garden, which
makes a perfect Valentine’s Day gift for men.


Call your florist at least one week in advance to place your
order so you can be certain it reaches your sweetheart on
the desired day. Don’t forget to include a special message.
If you’re at a loss for words, there are many sites on the
Internet that offer sample messages, or you could turn to a
book of poetry. Whatever you write, if it comes from the
heart and is accompanied by beautiful flowers, your gift is
sure to make this Valentine’s Day a special one!

Alan Wise (eiybmfxqc)

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Lana Lee (annakeys)

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