January 8, 2021 – We're now at an important point in American history, if we do not make ourself waken to truth and rise to the occasion, we will lose our human rights and livelihoods to corrupt officials and elites who are about power profits and total control over our daily lives.


Author H. Michael Dacosta will be releasing a book he believes to be the must have book for all the American people. Sneaky No Good Democrats will bring truth to light about the corruption with regards to the democratic party and globalist who have no loyalty to the American people and how they are teaming up the China to turn America in a communist country.


“To me, Republicans are truth seekers that's why they know the truth. Most Democrats are believers and that's why mainstream media will be forever deceiving them,” Dacosta said.


“If you replace the letter C with the letter N in DEMOCRATS ironically you get 'DEMON RATS. If Biden wins then China Wins and that would be it for the free world,” he added.

As an author, Dacosta is mostly disturbed with the Democratic party and the current state of America. Together with his team, he will be travelling the country to speak with different Republican leaders like mayors, governors, and senators including scholars, journalist and whistleblowers who already have deep insight of what takes place in the United States who also want to spread truth to the American people and the world.


“The Republican party is trying to save the world while The Democratic party is trying to bring in their new world order,” Dacosta commented.


Sneaky No Good Democrats will bring undeniable facts to light on sensitive issues like the voter fraud in the 2020 election and why mainstream media is keen to consistently cover it up and feed the American people with lies. The book also shed light on censorship on popular social media platform and why Facebook, Twitter YouTube are constantly removing vital contents. The book will be touching a lot of essential and controversial topics including the future of the American economy and how stimulus will cause depreciation of the US dollar.


Sneaky No Good Democrats is a self – published book and is expected to be released in April 2021. A pre-order version will be available earlier for all interested Republicans and other open-minded people.




H Michael Dacosta


(732) 508-7704

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