Thomas Bruner, a Christian fiction writer, has come out with a new book

It’s not always that readers are treated to a unique style of writing. There is one writer whose Christian fictionis informing, educating, and entertaining, and he is doing exactly this. Thomas Bruner, who may like to be described as an avid Christian, author, and volunteer, now has three Christian fiction books to his name.


His current publication, “A Divine Conspiracy”, is a Christian fiction book that narrates a story of the creation and training of the first-ever Angels. The author follows Adlay, a newly created Angel, from his first breath, through extensive physical training, humanities, and worship classes with Jesus and Lucifer until the day Heaven falls apart and a divine conspiracy is revealed. It packs a punch. “There is not a dull moment”, says the author adding that “A Divine Conspiracy” is the first book in a trilogy.


The Christian fiction adventure takes readers to a new world and introduces them to the first fifty created Angels. At this time, Heaven is under construction and angels are beginning training to become guardians. To help the readers get a good glimpse of what Heaven is all about, Tom describes it as not just a new place, but the place believers will go to when they die. He calls it land that is something to behold. It is a place that mystifies and marvels the angels too, calling it a “new city” and incredible architecture which has birds of every color, and a city made of libraries.


Adlay’s training makes him confident about his physical abilities; however, he has had problems with his Worship teacher, Lucifer. Adlay has a bad feeling about Lucifer and is willing to do whatever it takes to discover what he is up to. The author uses suspense and great narration prowess to keep the reader glued to the text, wanting to discover how the events will unravel. This is the book which those who have read have described as a great story. “If you like great stories, if you want to sit in a chair and get lost in the book, you will love this book, "reads one of the reviews. “It’s fun to watch someone's idea come to life in such an extraordinary way. You'll love it”, said a review describing Tom’s story as a writer.


The book’s editor terms it as Tom’s best book. It is not short of humor, suspense, intrigues, and scenes which leave the readers yearning for more.


A Divine Conspiracy is the first book in a trilogy. Tom hopes to have the second book out in six months.


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Tom Bruner appreciates books; apart from being a writer, he is also an avid reader He prides himself to have read over one thousand books. Ever since he was growing up in Southern California, he had a great passion for reading. Tom is a Christian fiction author who has several books to his name including his latest release “A Divine Conspiracy”, “From Breakdown to Breakthrough”, and “Standing Ovation: A life lived well.”Tom is an avid Christian who volunteers on Sundays at his church in the junior high ministry, working with 7th-grade boys until high school graduation with Life group, a unique church program.


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